What is a Deep Plane Face Lift?

A deep plane face lift in La Jolla is a modern take on an established approach to facial rejuvenation that addresses the underlying muscles and connective tissues, resulting in natural and long-lasting aesthetic improvements. This method focuses on the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system), a layer of fibrous tissue and muscles that contribute to facial contours and expressions. By targeting the SMAS, a deep plane face lift is able to provide more substantial and lasting improvements to the cheeks, jowls, jawline, and neck contour.

The key difference between a deep plane face lift and a traditional face lift lies in the depth of the surgical plane. While a traditional face lift typically involves only the skin, a deep plane face lift goes deeper to manipulate the SMAS, thus targeting the underlying structures that contribute to facial sagging and aging. The result under Dr. Bolitho’s hands is a natural-looking, harmonious rejuvenation that clients can feel confident and comfortable with.

Dr. Bolitho is a Master when it comes to the Deep Plane Face Lift

Dr. Glynn Bolitho has extensive experience performing deep plane face lifts and finds this procedure to be highly effective in combination with additional techniques to help people obtain the complete, youthful results they are looking for.

Why do clients choose Dr. Bolitho?

  • Quadruple board certified in plastic surgery
  • Over 20 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Operating suite meets stringent national standards 
  • Credentialed staff and only board-certified anesthesiologists
  • Patient safety and care are paramount
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A Deep Plane Face Lift Gives Lasting Rejuvenation

Because this advanced technique addresses the deep tissues and muscles of the face, rather than just tightening the skin, a deep plane face lift can effectively restore youthful contours and many clients find that the effect lasts longer than a traditional face lift.

Some of the benefits of a deep plane face lift include:

  • Tightening of sagging cheeks, jowls, and jawline
  • A higher neck contour for a more defined neck and jawline
  • Faster healing times compared with traditional face lifts
  • A reduced risk of problems arising from the surgery
  • Longer-lasting results, owing to the treatment of deeper facial layers
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Face Lift Before & After

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Dr. Bolitho Performs Deep Plane Face Lifts in Concert with Other Techniques to Achieve the Full Desired Outcome

Thanks to the experience and attention to detail by Dr. Bolitho and his team, this procedure delivers impressive results, making it an ideal choice for those seeking precise, yet subtle, rejuvenation without the “overdone” look of a traditional face lift. When indicated, Dr. Bolitho skillfully integrates additional procedures in concert with a deep plane face lift to help you return to a younger you.

Thus, obtaining personalized results may include:

  • Facial fat grafting
  • Eyelid surgery 
  • Neck lift
  • Lip lift
  • And other techniques
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See Why Dr. Glynn Bolitho is the Best Choice for Beautiful Results

Dr. Bolitho is quadruple board certified and has extensive experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. With over 20 years of experience, he continues to stay at the forefront of plastic surgery techniques and values his participation in continuing education. He is a doctor first and makes sure that his clients feel comfortable and cared for before and after any procedure. He and his team ensure hospital-level high standards when it comes to safety and delivering the natural aesthetic results clients are looking for.

We Are Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you are looking for quality cosmetic surgery results that help you look and feel like a younger version of yourself, then call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bolitho at his state of the art La Jolla office today. Dr. Bolitho will take the time needed to go over the procedure and answer any questions you may have. We are dedicated to helping patients feel comfortable and confident about their decision to undergo this transformative procedure.

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