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Together with his dedication to comprehensive client satisfaction, Dr. Bolitho's mastery of complex techniques has helped clients achieve their aesthetic vision.

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Why Might En Bloc Capsulectomy be Necessary?

When you have surgery that involves an implant, breast or otherwise, the body’s natural reaction is to form scar tissue around the implant; in most cases, this scar tissue is very thin and will not change the feel or shape of the breast but in some cases, the scar tissue is thick and will contract which makes the breast hard.  

En Bloc Capsulectomy in La Jolla is a specialized surgical technique employed during breast implant removal, particularly when dealing with textured or problematic implants. This procedure involves removing the entire capsule (scar tissue that naturally forms around the implant) and the implant together in one cohesive unit. En Bloc Capsulectomy may be necessary to address various breast implant concerns.

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En Bloc Capsulectomy Offers Specific Benefits 

For Individuals facing certain implant-related concerns, this procedure helps remedy the situation. Concerns that call for en bloc capsulectomy include:

  • Implant Rupture: Addresses cases where an implant has ruptured or leaked.
  • Capsular Contracture: Suitable for severe cases of scar tissue formation around the implant.
  • Implant-Related Health Concerns: Aids in removing all implant and capsule material, potentially linked to health issues.
  • Textured Implants: Often used when removing textured implants due to associated risks.

Is En Bloc Capsulectomy Always the Right Procedure?

Removing the entire capsule-en bloc is a meticulous procedure requiring more time in surgery. In some cases, en bloc cannot be done as your capsules may be tightly attached to the rib cage and removing the scar tissue is too much of a risk. In such cases, a partial capsulectomy will be performed, removing as much of the capsule as possible but not removing the portion attached to the chest wall. Other instances when this procedure may not be necessary or appropriate include:

  • Minor Capsular Contracture: When scar tissue formation is mild.
  • Implant Replacement: When the implant is being replaced but the capsule is intact.
  • Smooth Implants: For smooth implants without associated risks.

En Bloc vs. Subtotal Capsulectomy

The decision to remove some or all of the capsule has traditionally been made on an individualized basis, based primarily on the findings at the time of surgery.  Dr. Bolitho is adept at determining whether to remove the entire capsule when removing the implant or just a portion of the scar tissue, leaving part of the capsule behind.  

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Why Choose Dr. Glynn Bolitho’s La Jolla Practice?

With a wealth of experience spanning decades, Dr. Bolitho delivers remarkable, natural-looking results to his clients. Boasting multiple board certifications in plastic surgery, his expertise extends internationally, positively impacting individuals seeking heightened self-assurance through cosmetic enhancements. Dr. Bolitho's dedication to personalized attention underscores his commitment to every client's journey, earning their trust and fostering highly valued, long-term client relationships. His unwavering focus on safety and continuous learning in the dynamic field of plastic surgery sets him apart.

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