Chemical Peels Are a Highly Versatile Skin Rejuvenation Technique

Chemical peels exfoliate the top layer of skin, revealing the fresh, healthy layer beneath. This non-invasive procedure involves the careful application of specific chemical solutions to the skin's surface, resulting in a controlled shedding of dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells.

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Experience and Quality Matter When It Comes to Refreshing Your Skin

Your face is what makes you, you, so not just any cosmetic practitioner will do. Dr. Glynn Bolitho has been helping people all over the world get the aesthetic results they are looking for.

  • Over two decades of experience
  • Quadruple board-certified in plastic surgery
  • High-quality practice offering the utmost safety
  • Dedicated, credentialed staff 
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The Customizable Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels in La Jolla allow for tailor-made treatment options for individuals with different skin types. Some of the notable advantages of chemical peels include:

  • Versatility: Chemical peels can be used to address a wide array of skin issues, such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. 
  • Customizable for every skin type: Different types of peels are available, and Dr. Bolitho can tailor the treatment to address specific concerns.
  • Refreshed, healthy skin: The treatment allows the body's natural healing process to take over, resulting in natural and subtle improvement.
  • Improved skin texture: As the chemical peel stimulates the body's natural exfoliation process, clients often experience smoother, softer skin after treatment. This enhancement in texture can be particularly beneficial for those who have struggled with acne or scarring.
  • Enhanced product absorption: Chemical peels can improve the skin's ability to absorb beneficial skincare products more effectively, maximizing the benefits of one's skincare routine.
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Get Amazing Results From a Glycolic Acid Treatment

Glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that has become increasingly popular for its ability to exfoliate the skin effectively. With its small molecule size, it penetrates the skin's surface to break down dead skin cells and stimulate the production of new ones, giving the skin a revitalized appearance.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots
  • Improved skin texture, tone, and clarity through the promotion of cell turnover
  • Helps control acne breakouts with regular treatments as it unclogs pores, reduces excess oil
  • production, and removes lingering surface bacteria
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Go Deep, Or Choose a Lighter Skin Refresh

With different levels of peels available, individuals can choose the perfect treatment for their skincare goals:

Light peels

Gently exfoliate the outer layer of the skin using mild acids like alpha-hydroxy acid or beta-hydroxy acid. Ideal for treating mild discoloration, reducing fine lines, and refreshing the skin's appearance. Recovery time is minimal, with initial redness and flaking subsiding within a few days.

Medium peels

These penetrate the skin more deeply using stronger acids like trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or glycolic acid, as discussed above. It addresses moderate skin issues, such as more noticeable signs of aging, sun damage, or uneven skin tone. A medium peel often requires about a week of recovery, with more significant redness, peeling, or swelling potentially occurring.

Deep peels

The most intense option utilizes powerful acids like phenol to dramatically improve the skin's appearance. While this treatment is the most effective for those with significant sun damage, coarse wrinkles, or precancerous skin growth, it also carries the longest recovery time. A deep peel may take several weeks to fully heal and may require pain medication and careful aftercare.

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Attention to Detail and the Highest Standards Set Us Apart

Dr. Bolitho and his team of specialists aren’t satisfied by anything less than the best for their clients. Dr. Bolitho is board-certified in South Africa, the U.K., Canada, and the U.S.. He wants every client to get the outcome they are looking for and he knows that sometimes, that takes as long as it takes in order to get it right for them. Patient safety and care are paramount and you will see that in everything we do.

Wondering if a Chemical Peel is Right for You?

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