Experienced, Personalized Treatment for Beautiful Results

Dr. Glynn Bolitho ensures the RHA Collection treatment is tailored to the individual's specific needs and provides guidance on maintaining the results achieved. Dr. Bolitho is the natural choice for those seeking excellent results that will leave you feeling beautifully refreshed, inside and out.

  • Quadruple board-certified in Plastic Surgery
  • Nearly 30 years experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon
  • Dedicated to natural aesthetic results
  • Hospital-quality safety standards

Get Natural, Lasting Results That Won’t Dampen Your Expressiveness

These innovative dermal fillers are formulated to achieve natural-looking results, adapting to the expressions and movements of the face while providing subtle volume and smoothness. The RHA Collection in La Jolla consists of three different formulations, RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4, each designed to address varying levels of skin aging and individual patient needs according to skin thickness, severity of wrinkles, and the desired level of correction. 

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How the RHA Collection is Administered

This treatment is highly regarded for its ability to target areas that are often in motion, such as the lips, cheeks, and nasolabial folds, resulting in a smooth and revitalized appearance.

  1. Dr. Bolitho evaluates the patient's facial structure and identifies specific areas that could benefit from treatment.
  2. After discussing the desired outcomes and addressing any concerns, he marks the precise injection sites to ensure accurate placement of the product.
  3. RHA dermal filler is then carefully injected using a fine needle or cannula. The injection process is typically quick and relatively painless, with local anesthesia or numbing cream sometimes used to enhance patient comfort.
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An Injectable with Minimal Recovery Time and Lasting Results

Unlike more invasive treatments, patients can expect a swift return to their daily activities. The aftercare is relatively simple, typically involving basic precautions such as avoiding direct sun exposure and strenuous exercise for a short period following the treatment. 

Another primary advantage of the RHA Collection is the lasting, natural-looking results it delivers. Due to the advanced composition of the injectable, the effects of the treatment can last for several months, helping patients maintain a youthful appearance for an extended period.

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Why Choose Dr. Glynn Bolitho?

Dr. Bolitho has been practicing plastic surgery for about 30 years and is board-certified in the U.S., Canada, UK and South Africa. He strives to remain at the forefront of his field, having been an Assistant Professor at Emory University and UCSD. Dr. Bolitho considers himself a doctor first when it comes to performing procedures, client safety, and quality of results. His team consists of dedicated, credentialed staff and only board-certified anesthesiologists. Our operating room meets stringent national standards for safety. On top of all this, Dr. Bolitho maintains long-term client relationships by providing extensive care before, during, and after any procedure.

Make Your Aesthetic Dreams a Reality

If you are considering the RHA Collection treatment or have questions about your desire to obtain a more youthful appearance, then contact us now to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bolitho at our La Jolla offices.

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