Sculpting Confidence: Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Dr. Bolitho's expertise shines through in individualized procedures such as body contouring after weight loss. His experience is paired with unwavering dedication to comprehensive client satisfaction:

  • Over 25 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Quadruple board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Chief of Plastic Surgery at Scripps Memorial Hospital
  • State-of-the-art operating suite adhering to national standards
  • Diligent focus on patient well-being and safety

Weight Loss Contouring Before & After

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Why Do People Commonly Choose to Get Body Contouring?

Body contouring after weight loss may be necessary due to the biological effects of rapid or significant weight reduction. When a person loses a substantial amount of weight, the skin that once stretched to accommodate excess fat may struggle to retract and conform to the new body shape. This can result in loose, sagging skin and residual pockets of fat that can obscure the achieved weight loss and create discomfort. Body contouring procedures, such as skin removal and fat reduction, help address these biological changes by sculpting and reshaping the body's contours, enhancing both appearance and physical comfort. Dr. Bolitho's expertise guides this transformative process, ensuring optimal results tailored to each individual's needs.

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Are You Looking to Increase Your Satisfaction with Your Slimmer Body?

Common reasons individuals seek body contouring after weight loss include addressing excess skin and achieving a more proportionate and balanced appearance. Body contouring offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Removes excess skin and fat for a more sculpted and toned physique.
  • Improved Proportions: Creates better balance between body areas, enhancing overall harmony.
  • Boosted Confidence: Aesthetic improvements often lead to increased self-esteem and body confidence.
  • Physical Comfort: Removal of excess skin can alleviate discomfort caused by skin irritation and chafing.
  • Clothing Fit: Clothes fit better and more comfortably after excess skin is eliminated.
  • Functional Benefits: Improved mobility and ease of movement are often achieved.
  • Youthful Appearance: Body contouring contributes to a more youthful and revitalized look.
  • Personalized Transformation: Dr. Bolitho tailors the procedures to your unique goals and needs, ensuring a customized outcome.
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Every Patient’s Body Contouring is Individualized

Dr. Bolitho's expertise ensures that each body contouring journey is uniquely suited to your desired outcome, resulting in a transformed and rejuvenated appearance.
Body contouring is a personalized approach, carefully crafted to address individual needs and visions. This tailored procedure focuses on refining specific areas of the body to create a harmonious and balanced appearance. 

Common areas that can benefit from body contouring include:

How Much Recovery Time Can I Expect After Body Contouring?

Recovery after body contouring varies based on the specific procedures chosen in consultation with Dr. Bolitho, tailored to your individual desired outcome. While recovery times can differ, you can expect a few weeks for initial healing. Dr. Bolitho's expertise ensures you receive excellent post-operative care, guiding you through a personalized recovery plan to optimize results and ensure a smooth rejuvenation journey.

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You’ve Worked Hard to Lose the Weight so Get the Best for Your Next Step

Dr. Bolitho holds quadruple board certification in plastic and reconstructive surgery, extending his expertise both within the U.S. and internationally. His journey to excellence spans decades of continuous learning, embracing the latest advancements to refine his craft. Dr. Bolitho's extensive training includes residencies and fellowships at esteemed institutions such as the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Oxford’s Radcliffe Infirmary in the U.K., Emory University in Atlanta, and UCSD. As the previous Chief of Plastic Surgery at Scripps Memorial Hospital, located beside his La Jolla practice, he maintains an operating suite that not only meets but surpasses rigorous national safety standards. Dr. Bolitho's unwavering dedication to patient safety ensures that each individual receives the best care for optimal, transformative results.

Get Started on the Process to a Beautifully Contoured Body

Contact our La Jolla practice now to discuss what you would like to achieve with body contouring. Your consultation with Dr. Bolitho will include discussing your weight loss journey and what you can expect from the body contouring process.

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