A new cosmetic injection recently entered the aesthetic market. Created by Allergan, Volbella affords patients a non-surgical option for lip rejuvenation with immediate results which lasts up to a year.

Elizabeth Reed, an aesthetic nurse specialist who works alongside San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho, shared how a patient may be a candidate for different reasons.

This may include one or more of the following:

  • To add subtle fullness to the bottom and top lip area
  • To promote a natural-looking appearance of youthful lip volume
  • To decrease the appearance of vertical lip wrinkles around the mouth

“Until now, there really has not been a product out there to specifically target perioral wrinkles (lines around the mouth),” Reed said. “Volbella, which is part of the Allergan and Juvederm family, is a product that can be used specifically for that purpose.”

Reed went on to say how Volbella also provides outstanding results for lip rejuvenation. Rather than increasing the size of one’s lips, it adds natural-looking fullness and a slight pout when delivered appropriately by a medical professional whose expertise is in facial aesthetics.

“This is an exciting aspect because many women don’t want to add filler to their lips so Volbella is a wonderful option,” she said.

According to Reed, patients report minimal swelling following treatment. The reason behind this is because Volbella does not draw in as much water as other products.

Still in an effort to minimize swelling, Reed recommends periodically icing the area following the injection series.

Reed explained that as one ages, the lip area will be prone to fine lines like other areas of the face due to age, muscle movement and solar exposure. In addition to lines, a loss of volume will also occur. When a medical professional such as a plastic surgeon or an aesthetic nurse delivers Volbella to the lip area, these wrinkles will become less apparent. The optimal results should always be subtle and never obvious.

Before a patient undergoes Volbella, a numbing agent is applied topically to the lips. As well, Volbella also has a numbing medication in its ingredients.

About 10 to 15 minutes following the topical numbing agent, the injection series begins lasting 20 minutes or less. Methodically, the medical professional will take great care in delivering the product while assessing when the best aesthetic results have been achieved.

Most patients agree that they experienced little to no discomfort with their Volbella treatment.

“I’ve had very positive patient feedback,” Reed said. “Volbella is really a nice way to rejuvenate the lip area.”


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