Women find that breast augmentation can redefine their silhouette. And each woman’s reason for undergoing the procedure is distinct and personal. While some feel that the augmentation will provide rejuvenation after having had children, others may realize in their twenties that they want to change the upper portion of their physique.

When a woman begins to seriously consider breast augmentation, finding a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast surgery is the first step. The next is scheduling a consultation.


The Right Implant Size

A consultation is not only a time to learn more about the procedure, but it is a patient’s opportunity to interview the surgeon. In regard to breast augmentation, while a woman may have preconceived ideas as to what bra size she would like to ultimately be, the plastic surgeon will actually measure her for an implant size. This is done by calculating the base width of a woman’s breast.

Following this, a patient will discuss with the surgeon options in implant profiles. For those who want subtle enhancement, choosing a moderate implant may be the best choice. However, for patients wanting a more noticeable augmentation, then implants in the high profile category may offer more for her aesthetic goals.

A plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation will offer an array of options from a patient to choose from while providing their own expert opinions and this also includes what type of implant would be best.


FDA Approves New Saline Implant

Variations of breast implants are continually finessed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Recently, the FDA approved a medical device called the Ideal Implant. It was also approved by Health Canada.

Apparently, the goal of the Ideal Implant is to provide the visual structure of silicone gel but through the use of saline. While the FDA has deemed silicone gel implants to be safe, some women prefer saline. Again, it’s a personal preference.

Saline implants have been widely used for breast enhancement, but in some cases, patients have commented on a rippling effect of the implant. While this has improved over the years, manufacturers like the ones who have produced New Implant have created an internal component which is completely dissimilar from the traditional ones. For example, this implant consists of two distinct outer and inner saline cavities. In between these filled cavities are implant shells. The goal of this construction was to promote a natural implant look and movement.

Over the years, saline breast implants have made considerable strides and will continue to do so.


Silicone Gel Implants

Silicone gel implants have been widely used for both breast augmentation and breast reconstruction due to its construction. Likewise, they are considered to look more and feel more like true breast tissue which in turn has offered patient satisfaction for those that choose them.

Another item a plastic surgeon will discuss with their patient is how saline may be filled intraoperatively. Silicone gel implants are already pre-constructed and filled by the manufacturer.

Elective surgery affords patients the time they need to make the best decision which is right for them.

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