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While the cosmetic surgery industry continues to soar with the demand for non-operative and operative procedures, the need for filtering out the best San Diego plastic surgeons remains of the utmost importance. There are a plethora of doctors who can perform plastic and reconstructive surgery, but it’s vital to note that one interested in a procedure should only use a doctor who is a board certified plastic surgeon.

Compared to other medical specialties such as cardiology, oncology, and dermatology, board certified plastic surgeons have undergone rigorous training in this field. Likewise, while they have been exposed to an array of specialties, each doctor truly hones in on their area of expertise.

While it’s important to make certain that a plastic surgeon is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, it’s also crucial to see how far up the “professional chain” a surgeon is recognized. Areas in this category include researching if the plastic surgeon is a member in good standing with organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and/or American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These sites offer additional comprehensive information about plastic surgeons. As well, board certified plastic surgeons must be well regarded with their education, skill, and respected by their peers in order to become a member.

Often overlooked is logging onto the plastic surgeon’s website which is considered an extension of a doctor’s office. Peruse the site, research the doctor, and visit their patient gallery under particular procedures such as facelifts and mommy makeovers. While online, it’s also a sound idea to visit patient reviews.

When one is about to embark on booking a consultation with the plastic surgeon of their choice, play close attention to the front office. Remember, this part of the medical practice is the frontlines and the individuals a potential patient will be dealing with during their plastic surgery journey. If the front office seems to be unprofessional or unfriendly, do take this into consideration as to whether or not to move forward with the scheduling at this particular office.

At a consultation, this is an individual’s time to be thoroughly candid with their aesthetic desires. If possible, bring someone to the consultation as an extra sounding board and don’t neglect to have questions prepared beforehand for the doctor.

At a glance, here are some items to discuss during the initial consultation:

  • The doctor answers all questions
  • The doctor has a friendly demeanor
  • If the doctor is running late with the appointment time, that they extend a sincere apology
  • The doctor spends quality time during the consultation
  • The doctor explains in detail the procedure and technique(s) which will be used
  • The doctor explains pain control if a surgery is recommended
  • The doctor explains the recovery timeframe and risks
  • The doctor shares hospital privileges that they have
  • The doctor shares where the surgery will be performed (surgical suite or hospital)

Another item a patient may not ask but is privy to is whether or not the plastic surgeon has scheduled a vacation or conference around one’s surgery date. Generally, one will want to make certain their surgeon will be on hand about a month or so after surgery. Follow-up postsurgical appointments are necessary so do be sure one is being seen by their surgeon and not a doctor “on call” or “covering” for them while they are away.

During the course of the consultation, the plastic surgeon may have a patient concierge on hand to help navigate the appointment and offer more information about the surgery. Remember, this is a consultation and in no way should one feel pressured or “upsold” into any treatment or procedure.

Cosmetic surgery is just that….a surgery. Do collect all the necessary information, make preparations before and after the procedure, do research, and when the time is right, then schedule the surgery with the right board certified plastic surgeon.


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