For many women, motherhood is one of the most rewarding things they may experience. While a day at the spa can be a relaxing experience with a facial and massage on the menu, those afternoon perks may not address the true rejuvenation a woman is seeking.

Some ladies may desire an extra renewal boost called a “Mommy Makeover.” An operative procedure, this skilled comprehensive surgery generally includes a trifecta of the following:

  • *Tummy Tuck
  • *Breast Lift (with or without implants)
  • *Liposuction

Pregnancy and breastfeeding may take a physical toll on a woman and these above procedures have the ability to reverse a woman’s body back to her hourglass figure. One woman may want all three procedures, while another may only want one. It’s a personal decision.

At a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, they will assess what’s called “skin redundancy” and either lift or excise it. Especially for the abdomen region, a tummy tuck can dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks and any stubborn post-pregnancy areas which seem to be immune to diet and exercise.

A couple decades ago, mothers were not afforded the opportunity to undergo a transformative surgery after their childbearing years. They had to resign themselves to the fact that their bodies would not return to their pre-pregnancy days despite their diligent healthy lifestyle.

But times have changed. There are operative prospects with optimal results.

The surgical techniques which have emerged are utterly profound for women who are candidates for one or more of these procedures. With that said, it’s important to interject how necessary it is for mothers interested in this surgery to consider the following perspectives:

  • They are done bearing children
  • They have maintained a stable weight for six or more months
  • They implement a healthy lifestyle and diet

As mentioned earlier, candidates for Mommy Makeovers have indeed tried diet and exercise to reverse their post pregnancy shape but sometimes to no avail. And this is precisely where operative intervention may be the right course to consider.

The breast lift (with or without implants) can replenish the volume a woman once had before having children.

As for the abdominal area, a tummy tuck will remove excess skin and fat deposits, lessen the appearance of stretch marks and tighten the abdominal muscles which may have separated during the pregnancy.

Liposuction is an excellent tool to help sculpt the body for a slimmer waistline, shapely hips, and more.

Women are delighted that in one rejuvenation surgery all these areas of the body can be redefined. Leading plastic surgeons also take into consideration that each patient is unique as are her needs. While the term “Mommy Makeover” has become branded, quite frankly, it is a tailored procedure to meet the individual aesthetic requirements of each woman.

Plastic surgeons would be remiss if they did not mention how women who undergo this special procedure also inquire about cosmetic injections, frequently referred to as the liquid facelift. Botox to erase frown lines, Juvederm to plump up smile lines, and Voluma to add more cheek volume is indeed in demand.

Mothers work hard, and in return, they deserve to redefine themselves through youthful beauty.


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