One of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic injections is Allergan which has undoubtedly been described as the pioneer in a special niche of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Its best-known product is Botox, a purified substance of botulinum toxin A. For years, Botox has become the “go-to” minimally invasive treatment to smooth out “dynamic wrinkles” along the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes to treat crow’s feet.

Dynamic wrinkles emerge from repeated muscle movement and Botox helps by intercepting these movements to smooth out those fine lines.

Kybella, another injectable by Allergan that was FDA-approved last year, is being considered as another pioneer treatment. It has made strides in eliminating the appearance of submental fullness, otherwise known to many as the dreaded double chin.

The main ingredient of this newest product is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. It works like a “bile acid” that can dissolve fat. When injected, Kybella has the ability to target and disintegrate this unwanted fat.

While each patient is aesthetic needs differ, Kybella is performed in a treatment series. Before the injection, the area is mapped out.

Generally, patients require two to four treatments, and it is recommended to space the treatments apart every couple of months. Number of visits is dependent on the scope and thickness of the area being treated. The reason for this duration is to give Kybella the appropriate time needed to resolve the issues of submental fullness. At the next session, updated aesthetic decisions can be made.

The treatment takes under 30 minutes and patients may experience some swelling, redness, or tenderness for a short period of time. Icing is recommended to minimize any side effects.

According to media coverage, such as in the Quartz publication, “…the company [Allergan] is testing the drug for FDA-approved use on other paranoia-inducing rolls, including what some refer to as ‘bra overhang.’”

And yes, there appears to be other discussion treatment items on the horizon.

In the Quartz publication, it was noted that Amy Lewis, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine was interviewed by Allure Magazine.

“There have been attempts to dissolve fat before, but this is the first time it’s worked—and that’s pretty exciting. In the future, Kybella could be used to improve the appearance of stubborn fat pads elsewhere on the body, like bags under the eyes or so-called ‘bra bulges.'”

Research continues on whether or not Kybella can be used in other areas such as the following:

  • Inner knee fat
  • Thick ankles
  • Armpit overhang

And more…

The goal of cosmetic injections is to afford patients with minimally invasive options with little to no downtime.  Although these treatments are considered nonsurgical, it’s imperative that patients seek the delivery of these injections by medical professionals such as a board certified dermatologist, board certified plastic surgeon, or aesthetic nurse specialist. These adept professionals will have in-depth knowledge about the product(s) as well as the facial anatomy which will offer patients optimal results.


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