While the USA leads in plastic surgery around the globe, when compared to other countries and matched up against their own population numbers, it rates at number four. It’s an exciting twist.

Before sharing who the top five countries are, it’s fascinating to note how plastic surgery is becoming so well-accepted in the world. What was once a surgery for only the “rich and famous” has indeed transcended to others, not in this category.

People who consider plastic surgery come from all backgrounds. For example, those working later in life consider it so they can look more youthful in the corporate world.

While these top five countries are the most popular in plastic surgery, if one is considering surgery outside of their country, it’s essential to do all the necessary research as one would embark on here in the States. Double checking that a surgeon is board certified, qualified, and has hospital privileges truly transcend to other countries.

Some patients are tying in a surgery with a vacation beforehand. However, always remember that safety is a priority and should always trump any other decisions.

Starting from the fifth-ranking country and working upward, here are the countries that made the cut:


  1. Colombia

 It’s estimated that more than 90,000 plastic surgery procedures were performed in Colombia. The leading surgery performed is liposuction.


  1. USA

In 2014, the USA performed 10,663,607 cosmetic surgeries. Like Colombia, liposuction was the most popular. Other treatments in the country included nose surgery, eyelid surgery, and the cosmetic injection Botox. From 2013-2014, it was estimated that Americans spent nearly $12 billion in this area of medicine.


  1. Italy

Botox has been incredibly widespread in Italy for non-operative procedures. Liposuction once again was the most popular for surgical procedures, with an estimated 69,000 surgeries performed in 2010.


  1. Greece

For many, learning that Greece is rated second is quite a surprise. The most popular procedure in this country is breast augmentations.


  1. South Korea

Where beauty is held in high regard in South Korea, it’s estimated that 1 out of 5 individuals have undergone cosmetic surgery. While all procedures are in demand, the ones that lead the way are upper and lower eyelid surgeries.

So many countries around the world have adopted cosmetic surgery into their culture. The trends have clearly branched from the Western culture into a variety of others. Plastic surgery is no longer the exception but is becoming more common in everyday life.

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