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There is an array of minimally noninvasive procedures which do a tremendous job in restoring a more youthful appearance. On this aesthetic roster are liquid facelifts, commonly referred to as cosmetic injections.

While Botox® smooths out fine lines along the forehead area and lines around the eyes, fillers such as Juvederm®, can help erase nasolabial folds. And one would be remiss if they did not mention Voluma® which is an outstanding filler created by the makers of Juvederm® which adds volume to the cheek area.

Over the years, one area where women have wanted to revitalize is their hands. Environmental factors, such as ultraviolet rays, impact the hands which can spur premature aging. Signs of this may include one or more of the following:

  • Slack skin and wrinkles
  • A crepe-like appearance and texture
  • Dull skin tone
  • Dehydrated skin

Due to this natural aging process, tendons and veins on the tops of hands are more visible. Many women who undergo facial rejuvenation and live a healthy lifestyle also yearn to have younger looking hands.

While lotions can hydrate, it cannot add fullness.

Meeting the needs of these patients, many board certified plastic surgeons are now offering a minimally invasive procedure which lasts under 20 minutes called the “hand lift.”

The goal of the procedure is to rejuvenate the hands by adding volume. Doctors utilize the precise same fillers as they do for liquid facelifts.

Radiesse® was recently approved by the FDA for this procedure. It’s also important to note that this manufacturer is the first of its kind which is approved for this treatment.

Facial fat grafting, a procedure where a plastic surgeon harvests fat via liposuction from a patient’s body to add volume to the face, has also been used for hand augmentation. However, some doctors noticed once the fat was delivered, there was sometimes a bumpy appearance.

Radiesse® was decided among doctors to be an optimal choice since its compound ingredients are from calcium. Conversely, Juvederm ®has been a consideration, but it appeared that its hyaluronic acid components did not last longer than Radiesse®.

Plastic surgeons estimate that a hand augmentation with Radiesse® lasts up to a year. Some patients contend the newfound appearance lasts 24 months.

It seems that “hand lifts” are not only geared toward more mature women. Even younger women are undergoing the procedure so their hands have an additional boost of youth when uploading photos of their hands on social media sites. For example, women donning a new engagement ring or piece of jewelry want to share this with their friends but are unhappy with the way their hands appear.

New reports indicate that mature brides, mother of the brides, and mother of the grooms are also booking their hand augmentations. They want youthful appearing hands for those posterity photos.

While the side effects of this procedure are minimal, it’s still highly recommended to speak with a board certified surgeon about any potential risks or complications.

Hand lifts are indeed a growing trend and those in the cosmetic industry expect to see a higher demand for this procedure within the next few years.

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