In the world of cosmetic surgery, there are so many options for rejuvenation even on the nonsurgical roster. A large group of people fit into this niche. In other words, they yearn to undergo facial renewal but are not quite ready to commit to surgery.

For those in their forties and early fifties, they may begin to notice facial lines along their forehead, in between the brows, around the eyes, and even marionette lines otherwise known as parenthesis around the mouth. These facial changes are a common occurrence among people in this age range and are quite natural.

While they are natural, for many, they are not a welcome and want them to vanish.

Another change people may notice is the loss of fullness in the cheek area. With age, this youthful volume begins to disappear.

As one begins to analyze their reflection in the mirror, they may also detect a change in their skin such as:


*Age spots

*Intermittent facial lines

And more….

There is wonderful news for patients who want facial rejuvenation but don’t want surgery. Well, at least not yet. Non-operative cosmetic treatments to help reverse fine lines, volume, and skin texture are abundant for patients.

In some respects, these minimally invasive procedures could be viewed as cosmetic improvement stepping stones. They are indeed nonsurgical procedures which can improve a person’s appearance. That said, these enhancements are subtle and depending on the procedure, can last a few months and up to a year or more.

There is an array of avenues to achieve youthful results such as:


*Fillers like Juvederm

*Chemical Peels

While these above treatments may not provide surgical results, they do provide some level of rejuvenation that many patients are thrilled about. Even though these procedures are not surgical they are still deemed medical procedures and should be performed preferably in a plastic surgeon’s office or medical setting. The benefits of a plastic surgeon’s office is that the certified nurse injector or the plastic surgeon themselves are educated in regards to the anatomy of the face as well as the muscular structure.

While thought and due diligence goes into researching a plastic surgeon for a surgery, the same should hold true even for a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Having a medically-skilled individual performing the delivery of Botox or Juvederm is highly advisable. Going to professionals of this caliber will help ensure that a patient receives the most optimal results.

Injectables can successfully reverse the following:

  • Decrease wrinkles
  • Lift the brow
  • Lessen the appearance of smile lines
  • Address facial depressions and furrows

Botox is exceptional for the upper portion of the face in smoothing out lines, whereas Juvederm does a splendid job in adding volume to fine lines around the mouth. Voluma, by Juvederm, is a true standout for adding lost volume in the cheek area which can also help in decreasing the appearance of marionette lines.

A series of chemical peels can transform and rejuvenate a person’s skin texture.

And of course, the 2016 trend of fuller lips can be achieved with fillers.

The attraction to these procedures ranges from minimal to no downtime at all. And any bruising can easily be concealed with makeup. The era of non-invasive cosmetic procedures is producing beautiful results.

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