It seems that ever since the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released its impressive numbers regarding Botox recipients, various articles following the announcement have highlighted the procedure. While the majority views Botox as a procedure for those in their late thirties, forties, and fifties, it appears that millennials are considering and undergoing the injections.

However, their reasoning behind it is different among millennials. Yes, while ASPS reports that over 6.7 million treatments were performed in 2015, a percentage of those patients were those in their mid to late twenties. And that percentage appears to be increasing.

This raises the question if one in their twenties is too young for Botox? And that’s a reasonable query.

For the most part aesthetic nurses certified in delivering Botox, as well as plastic surgeons, look at this age range undergoing Botox treatments as preventative measures. So the delivery of Botox units will be lower, and the goal is to minimize wrinkles in the future. Some professionals agree that wrinkles along the forehead, in between the brows, and crow’s feet will be oppressed if the Botox delivery is done correctly and at a younger age.

While following the manufacturer’s directions is always the protocol, the individual performing the cosmetic injections must be skilled and medically trained in the anatomy of the face. As many know, Botox injections can be offered in an array of facilities, but the one which is highly recommended is in a medical setting.

While Botox is minimally invasive, it should not be overlooked that it is still a medical procedure. And viewing it as such will help ensure that individuals receive the right dosage amount and in the right area. Professionals agree that when someone in their younger years decides on a Botox regimen, if they receive too many units in various areas of the face, it may cause someone to appear older than they are in done incorrectly. The goal is to achieve a youthful and natural looking result, and the outcome should be a soft facial canvas.

For those in their twenties, utilizing Botox can help in their future anti-aging goals. It can be viewed as an excellent head start in stopping those wrinkles before they surface. And studies have been underway for a decade or more releasing promising results.

But as always, the recommendation is never to “overdo” the injections and to follow the “less is more” theory.

A slow, methodical delivery is what’s needed for people of all ages, including those in their twenties. When partnered with an aesthetic nurse or plastic surgeon, the anti-aging goal is to map out a regimen. For example, a patient may not need Botox every three months. Instead, they may respond well to only two to three treatments per year.

Moreover, this anti-aging partnership will not only work well with cosmetic injections for wrinkle protection but will also serve as a great skin care educational platform which will include in-depth knowledge about the following:

  • Sunscreen application and reapplication
  • At home skin care routines
  • Chemical peels

And more…

As with any medical procedure, do view Botox as a medical one and find the right doctor or aesthetic nurse who knows every layer of the facial anatomy so an outstanding aesthetic outcome can be achieved.

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