Over recent years, a number of men are not only learning more about minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures, but they are undergoing them. According to recent statistics retrieved from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2015 noninvasive procedures soared over the last five years. It was estimated that one million men underwent these procedures.

While some may have their own theories on why this is so, psychology Professor Miles Groth of Wagner College in New York had his summation. His area of expertise is in gender studies for men. In his interview with the New York Times he shared with reporter, Alix Strauss, his own beliefs on how the views of men have shifted.

The article was entitled, Till Wrinkles Do Us Part: Introducing the Brotox Groom, because many men who are ready to wed want to look their best on their big day. It was cited that millennial grooms are older these days.

“For a very long time, emphasis was placed on what a man did, not how he looked, while women were judged on the opposite,” Groth said. He added, “We’ve gone away from that. Today there’s as much pressure on men to look good and take care of themselves as there is on women. That’s a new phenomenon.”

And they are feeling their own share of pressures as well.

“Men are now being judged on their job, on the quality of the bride, and on how they look, which is why these kinds of enhancements have become more acceptable and almost expected,” Groth said.

The article also highlighted how grooms-to-be are also seeking the help of facial rejuvenation before their big day. Like their female counterparts, areas that many want to rejuvenate appear to be squint lines around the eyes, lines along the forehead, marionette lines, the jawline and underside of the chin.

Many men are turning to Botox®, also referred to as ‘Brotox’ for men.

Understanding that more men are seeking these treatments to help maintain their youth, the recommendations of locating an individual such as a plastic surgeon or registered aesthetic nurse who understands the facial anatomy is still at the forefront. And following the “less is more” theory is also important when undergoing cosmetic injections.

The goal is to capture a natural appearance which makes the patient look refreshed. Conscientious medical professionals will deliver modest amounts of Botox. If after two weeks a patient desires a bit more, they can return for a cosmetic injection touch-up.

And this same protocol holds true for women as well.

During the consultation portion of the appointment, patients can convey what they want to rejuvenate. Many times, digital photos will be taken by a nurse and uploaded to a touch screen in the examining room so both the patient and plastic surgeon (or nurse) can exchange pertinent dialog relating to aesthetics.

Although these are minimally invasive procedures that many gentlemen seek, they must remember that these are still medical procedures. And the procedures should be performed in a medical setting to ensure safety and adeptness from a medical professional whose expertise is in facial anatomy.

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