Even in the Old Hollywood era, beautiful eyes were an asset for the silver screen. Decades later, gorgeous eyes are still a sought after commodity. While many beauty experts have touted their own secrets, the truth of the matter is that there is a three-step protocol to rejuvenate the eye area. The burning question, “How to get beautiful eyes?” can be answered with these simple and valuable steps.


Fabulous Lashes with Latisse

According to Elizabeth Reed, an aesthetic nurse who works with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho in San Diego, lashes are the first ingredient to beautiful eyes.

“Latisse can help lengthen, strengthen, and achieve darker eyelashes. Long, healthy lashes frame the eye area better and attract attention to the eyes,” she said. “I use Latisse, and a lot of the ladies here in the office use it, too. We just love the results.”

According to Reed, users will start to see lash improvement within the first month. However, the incredible results will start to grow in within two to three months.

Applied on the upper lashes every evening, Latisse is incorporated into a nighttime skin care regimen.


The Wonders of Botox

Over time and with repeated muscle movements, fine lines begin to emerge around the outer corners of the eyes. Some call these lines crow’s feet while others describe them as squint lines. But one thing that can be agreed upon is that most women would prefer them to disappear.

And that aesthetic wish can be achieved with Botox.

Reed delivers small amounts of Botox into these facial crevices to help smooth out those lines. She was also quick to point out that Botox for this very reason is not meant to change the shape of the eye nor should it. The goal is to minimize the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

“I believe less is more and I am definitely a more conservative injector because I really don’t want someone to know that you’ve had Botox,” she said. Reed continued, “I want patients to look refreshed.”

Reed wants people to know that the amount of Botox used is dependent upon a person’s muscle movement. In other words, there is not a standard amount for everyone – instead it’s an incredibly tailored procedure.


SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair

While Latisse can help create gorgeous lashes and Botox can erase squint lines around the eyes, a daily topical skin care treatment can help rejuvenate this fragile skin area with complete hydration. The goal is to locate a topical which can gently help erase imperfections while improving the quality of one’s skin.

Reed describes SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair as an amazing product offering an anti-aging component to achieve the three-step process to attain beautiful eyes.

“This product is really great in minimizing those fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes,” Reed said. She added, “It has a high concentration of Vitamin C and E and hyaluronic acid to increase the hydration.”

A results-driven formula used on a daily basis can offer maximum benefits which help create and maintain healthy and beautiful looking eyes.


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