The advent of Botox has afforded numerous possibilities for patients worldwide. Its uses have been phenomenal and have ranged from treating migraines, cervical dystonia, hyperhidrosis, muscle stiffness in the upper and lower limb regions, eyelid spasms, and more.

And Botox has made aesthetic headlines in temporarily smoothing out facial wrinkles for up to three months or more.

Nicole Dowler, a registered nurse who specializes in aesthetics and cosmetic injections, shared how cosmetic injections such as Botox serve people of all ages. It’s just not isolated to one core age group as many may have thought.

It’s far more reaching than that.

According to Dowler, one can start Botox in their late twenties for preventive measures. Using Botox prior to getting wrinkles in common areas can actually help ward off the deep wrinkles that people typically get as they age.

“In your thirties and forties, Botox can help someone maintain a younger look with these injections before having operative facial rejuvenation procedures such as a facelift,” she said. Dowler continued, “So it starts off as preventive and then turns into prolonging any type of facial surgery.”

And for those who have undergone a facelift, Botox can help maintain those youthful results. In other words, when someone undergoes operative facial rejuvenation, they can turn to Botox at some point for continued benefits.

“A facelift is actually removing skin and tightening facial features,” she said. Dowler continued, “Patients typically seek Botox for those fine lines around the eyes and along the forehead.”

Dowler went on to say that those who have had a facelift will also want to incorporate fillers into their aesthetic roster to really maintain the results from the facelift.

Each age range has a specific need for Botox. The right dosage amount assists in preventive care, promotes a youthful appearance, and maintains optimal results following an operative rejuvenation procedure.

Dowler also pointed out the need for patients to do their due diligence when they do decide to embark on cosmetic injections. It’s highly important that individuals delivering Botox and fillers are medically trained and certified.

“Someone who is medically trained will know the anatomy of the face and will also be aware, especially with Botox, how much to inject,” she said.

Injecting too much may cause a “heavy feeling” in the forehead region. While this sensation will disappear, it’s an uncomfortable feeling.

“You really want somebody with experience,” she said.

Dowler also wants people to be on guard in being “oversold” with treatments. The goal is to have natural, youthful beauty and not to appear “overdone” in the cosmetic injection outcome.

Results like this simply mean that the person delivering the injections puts too much in an individual’s face. Dowler cannot stress enough finding a medical professional who is an expert in the anatomy of the face.

In addition to the anatomy, Dowler mentioned medical professionals will know the areas to avoid when injecting Botox. Conversely, these professionals will know which veins and arteries to avoid with injection fillers.

“It’s important to do your research before you get injections,” she said, noting to also avoid Botox coupon deals.

Cosmetic injections are a medical procedure and must be performed by certified medical professionals for the best aesthetic outcome.

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