A new revolutionary treatment is causing a stir in the world of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. With an innovative eye to the aesthetic future, micro needling renews skin and promotes a luminous glow.

With so many devices to choose from, medical professionals have come to rely on US manufactured Dermapen.  One such professional is aesthetic registered nurse Elizabeth Reed; she works for Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho, a highly regarded San Diego plastic surgeon.

According to Reed, their medical practice recently introduced micro needling to its menu of services–and they are delighted they did. They are especially thrilled to be offering it for less than $400 per treatment.

“Dermapen is a little tool I glide over a patient’s face about three times. It’s fine little needles on the endpoint create little micro channels into the skin,” Reed said. “The exciting part is how these mini micro channels help stimulate collagen and add new collagen. These micro channels also offer the opportunity for me to deliver result-driven products into the skin.”

Reed pointed out that product penetration via micro needling receives eighty percent better absorption through micro channeling as opposed to merely applying a product topically to the face.

Additionally, this trailblazing technique helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, lifts and tightens, and improves overall skin tone and texture.

For those with acne scar challenges, micro needling can soften thickened texture and reduce pore size.

Reed went on to share that micro needling treatments range from four to six visits and are spaced about a month apart.

In regards to downtime, there may be some residual redness following the treatment which may last a few days.

“I generally tell my patients to allow themselves about five full days for a full healing process, but you can definitely apply makeup and return to your normal activities the very next day,” she said. “Post micro needling will not interrupt your daily lifestyle which is so attractive to our patients.”

Reed noted that patients are generally noticing skin improvements after a couple of treatments.  During the micro needling treatment, Reed is infusing a product named Alastin Nectar.

“This is a collagen-stimulating product that we’ve brought into our practice.  It’s something that you can actually start before your Dermapen to prep the skin and continue using after as an adjunct to all your other products,” she said. Reed continued, “The science behind this product is incredibly strong as far as creating new collagen and elastin. We have really seen fabulous results.”

On average, micro needling with Dermapen last under 30 minutes. However, before the treatment, Reed applies a topical numbing agent on the face to make the procedure more comfortable.

From start to finish, the visit can last about an hour.

On occasion, Reed is also a proponent of having her patients undergo a combination treatment of Dermaplaning followed by micro needling. Dermaplaning removes the top layers of dead skin cells and vellus hair thereby preparing the skin for an optimal Dermapen treatment.

“I actually love combining these treatments,” she said. “I tailor each treatment to a patient’s skin care need and aesthetic goal.”

Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures are presenting patients with an array of choices in achieving and maintaining youthful skin.

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