Cosmetic injections continue to change in ways that people never thought possible to help in their quest for youthful beauty. Also referred to as a liquid facelift, cosmetic injections bridge an aesthetic gap for those in their thirties, forties, and even fifties.

As one ages, they begin to lose volume around their mouths, lips and cheeks. Marionette lines, also known as parenthesis around the mouth, become more apparent and the youthful volume in the cheek area begins to dissipate.

With the passage of time, the fullness of one’s lips begins to decrease.

Injectable fillers can help rejuvenate these areas and results can be seen almost immediately. The process takes under 20 minutes. Yet, it is still considered a medical procedure and should be viewed as one for a very distinct reason.

The individual delivering the injectable filler should be a board certified plastic surgeon or a nurse who works alongside a plastic surgeon who has been trained extensively in this area. Cosmetic injections are about aesthetics, and plastic surgeons specialize in facial anatomy so doctors in this field of medicine would be the optimal choice.

As mentioned before, fillers are meant to add volume and redefine specific areas of the face that one in plastic surgery naturally grasps. For the safety of a person seeking an injectable filler, it’s never advised to undergo a procedure at a beauty party hosted at a home or non-medical destination such as a spa or salon.

For safety and optimal results, the procedure must be done in a medical office setting, and natural looking results are part of this aesthetic recipe.

Plastic surgeons deliver fillers very slowly and methodically. They make certain the end result is not dramatic but instead subtle rejuvenation which highlights a person’s natural features. Conservative results are the goal.

If one is interested in proceeding with a cosmetic filler, it usually can be done in tandem with the consultation appointment. During the consultation, a close-up facial photo will be taken and then uploaded to a touchscreen monitor in the examining room.

The photo is for both the patient and the plastic surgeon. While the patient points out what areas of their face they would like to rejuvenate, the plastic surgeon can discuss how to achieve those goals and if a filler would offer youthful benefits. A plastic surgeon not only remains on the cutting-edge of microsurgical techniques but also on cosmetic injections and how to effectively deliver them.

If the consultation appointment goes smoothly and a person would like to proceed with a liquid facelift, a lidocaine cream is applied first to numb the area. Roughly, it takes ten minutes for the cream to take effect.

Methodically, the doctor delivers a few to several injections in a general area. Once they feel they have reached the desired result, a patient will be given the opportunity to view the enhancement. If they would like more filler, the doctor will be candid in regards to distributing more.

There is no downtime from these cosmetic injections. In fact, many patients return to work following their appointment. Soreness may be present and slight bruising can be covered with foundation or concealer makeup.

Cosmetic injections are a great tool in aesthetics affording people a new pathway toward renewed beauty.

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