A new era of aesthetics can be found by way of cosmetic injections be it Botox or fillers, such as Juvederm. This medical treatment can temporarily reverse signs of aging by smoothing out fine lines and adding volume which dissipates as one matures.

Like any treatment, there are myths about cosmetic injections. And thanks to medical professionals, they can reveal the truth about them.

For many who want to embark on the cosmetic injection pathway, plastic surgeons and aesthetic nurses often hear concerns from patients that they don’t want their face to look unnatural and frozen.

Nicole Dowler, RN, who is certified in the delivery of cosmetic injections, indicates that outcomes such as this where one has difficulty moving their face has undergone too much of everything. For Dowler, her motto is “less is more.”

And this approach is best.

“People don’t want to look like they have had something done. So the best response to that is to try a little bit and then come back for another visit a couple weeks later,” she said.

According to Dowler, if one has undergone Botox and/or filler by a medical professional who knows facial anatomy then nobody is supposed to notice.

“People will know you look good, but they won’t be able to figure out what was done if it was properly delivered with the right amount,” she said.

Another item Dowler pointed out is that people can sometimes be uneasy with the fact that Botox is derived from botulism. Potential patients want to be assured that these injections are safe to do.

Botox is used in high unit amounts in cases such as migraine treatments, spasms, cerebral palsy, and more. The usage for cosmetics is a great deal less. And patients were using Botox to treat a myriad of health issues years before it hit the cosmetic scene.

“The amount of units that we’re using for cosmetic reasons is so small,” said Dowler, noting how she has never personally witnessed a negative outcome. “It’s such a small amount that we’re using to help soften those lines that people usually feel pretty good about it once I explain it that way.”

Highly regarded fillers such as Juvederm and Voluma are made of hyaluronic acid. According to Dowler, hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the human body so there is nothing foreign about it.

Like Botox, potential patients have heard myths about how fillers have the potential to look obvious or overdone. Medical professionals know that delivery should be slow and methodical.

“It’s very easy to add a little at a time,” she said.

If for any reason a patient is unhappy with the outcome, Dowler said there is a substance that can be injected into the area of where the filler was which can reverse the enhanced appearance.

“Basically, it dissolves the filler,” she said. “People are pretty happy about that.”

However, although there is a substance to reverse a filler, the approach is still to add a little at a time to achieve the most natural and youthful appearance possible.

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