In a recent edition of Plastic Surgery News, published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), many of its esteemed doctor members that perform reconstruction surgeries for breast cancer patients were delighted to read how the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign is indeed increasing.

The campaign was founded by Mitchell Brown, M.D., a plastic surgeon based in Canada. In 2011, his vision came to fruition. And it has done a world of good for countless women. Brown’s foresight has helped empower women to learn about their options regarding different components of breast reconstruction surgery.

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and requires a mastectomy or bilateral mastectomy, through a haze of personal turmoil and confusion, navigation is essential to her well-being by understanding that she does have breast reconstruction choices.

This also holds true for women who undergo a bilateral mastectomy due to a strong family history of breast cancer or being told she tested positive for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

The ability to give women surgical possibilities to rebuild their breasts can give them a sense of control.

While some women choose not to have the reconstruction, others want to undergo the procedure; nevertheless, being afforded the option is the cornerstone of the campaign.

In a recent piece written by Rosie Marszalek, “Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign Expands,” she reminded readers that Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day is on October 21, 2015. She went on to cite that in 2014, ASPS members throughout 44 states took part in this campaign. Among these states, a tally of 160 plastic surgery practices joined together in hopes to help women learn about their reconstruction options after having lost either one or both breasts due to cancer.

“Recognizing that women are fighting breast cancer every day, however, this year the Society is encouraging all ASPS members who perform breast reconstruction procedures to host a Breast Reconstruction Awareness event on any day throughout the entire year as part of the new ‘BRAve Face” campaign,” Marszalek writes. She continues, “In addition to local events, the BRAve Face campaign also features Patti LaBelle as its national spokesperson.”

Many have described the acclaimed singer as an ardent supporter of women who have undergone breast cancer.

In a statement, LaBelle told ASPS, “Women battling this disease need to have access to information about their rights and options to make informed choices about what’s best for them and their life following breast cancer treatment.”

As mentioned before, it is a time not only on October 21, but throughout the year, to provide resources and access to women so they can become educated. It’s the hope of ASPS that members will join together by championing events in an effort to raise this awareness.

In the past, an array of events has taken place such as:

  • Educational Receptions and Seminars
  • Art Exhibits and Contests
  • Luncheons and Galas
  • Sporting Activities and Contests
  • Flash Mobs
  • Dance Contests
  • And more….

ASPS members are encouraged to think “outside the box” and champion an event large or small. It is an opportunity for a community of like-minded and dedicated people to join together for a special cause.

Helping women who are “fighting the fight” and arming them with knowledge on breast reconstruction is a powerful movement for all involved.

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