Polls and data are ever circulating revealing what is on the minds of Americans. One survey assessed how concerned individuals were with aging. In other words, what was their tolerance level in relation to the reflection in the mirror as the years pushed on?

For the most part, they weren’t quite lenient with themselves in this category. This self-perception branched out into areas of the workplace, romance, health, and more. While a breakdown of the survey is below, it appeared as if women were less accepting to the changes which went along with aging as opposed to their male counterparts.

Yes, while more men are seeking procedures for youthful rejuvenation, the percentages still remain higher for women.

The survey included a poll of 2,000 Americans and here were the findings:

  • 90 percent of females were considered to receive more pressure to appear more youthful.
  • Men received a 5-year gain for aging.
  • Results showed that women looked optimal at 30.
  • Results showed that men looked optimal at 34.

Allure Magazine championed this interesting poll. Their executive director, Kristin Perrotta wrote, “The survey definitely shows that aging, when we are talking about appearance, is a real emotional touch point for both men and women, no matter whether they are 20, 40, 60.”  She continued, “People overwhelmingly said they were concerned about the effects of aging. They were concerned about how it would affect their attractiveness to the opposite sex and particularly with women, how aging would affect their career.”

This type of survey truly gleans some helpful information not only for people with this mindset but for also plastic surgeons who are consulting with patients. They are able to intellectually and emotionally grasp what the aesthetic needs of their patients truly are.

Above all, people are taking great care of themselves through fitness, a healthy diet, and stress decompression tactics such as yoga and meditation. They are feeling younger than ever and they want that feeling to be expressed in how they look.

For many, cosmetic surgery is an extension of those personal goals and investment they want to make in themselves.

Some other survey results revealed the following:

  • One in 20 respondents did undergo cosmetic injections or plastic surgery.
  • Forty-two percent of women surveyed that they would agree to cosmetic injections or surgery to restore their youth.
  • Eighteen percent of men claimed they would consider cosmetic injections or plastic surgery.
  • Respondents thought they looked younger than their peers.

As mentioned earlier, while more women are seeking non-operative and operative facial rejuvenation procedures than men, the percentage of the male population is climbing.

For females, the operative roster includes eyelid surgery, liposuction, lower limited facelifts, and breast augmentation. Males leaned toward liposuction in the flank area (love handles) and also eyelid surgery.

As surveys continue to be published, the most important item to convey is that plastic surgery is a personal decision and no one should ever feel pressured. Being mindful and consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon is the first step in the aesthetic learning curve.

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