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Virtual consultation


At our medical practice, numerous patients come from out of town, across state lines and from different countries around the globe. Internationally, Dr. Bolitho is regarded for his expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Board certified in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa,  Dr. Bolitho has established strong ties among colleagues, patients and friends worldwide.

Because Dr. Bolitho is highly sought after internationally, his medical practice has created  “Virtual Consultations” to meet the needs of his patients wherever they may live. These communications are strengthened via Skype, Internet, and of course, by phone.

Cyber appointments are made in advance for adjusting to time zone changes.

Although virtual, these consultations are tailored to meet every aesthetic need and desire. Without ever having to leave the comfort of home, you’ll be meeting with Dr. Bolitho and his wonderful medical support team.

The Virtual Steps

Step 1. Please complete our consultation form, including your medical and surgical history. We request that you “attach several photos” regarding the aesthetic area(s) of concern.  The initial photos required are the front view and two side views.  These photos can be easily attached to your consultation form and sent to our office via email.

Step 2. Dr. Bolitho will personally review each consultation form submitted.  Following this, he or his patient coordinator will respond to you directly.  This correspondence will address if you are a surgical candidate for the procedure inquired or if another procedure would be better suited for optimal aesthetic results.  At this time, a “Virtual Consultation” may be scheduled.  Likewise, we welcome all questions while reviewing costs, recovery and the anticipated length of stay for healing in La Jolla, a coastal town located in San Diego.

Step 3. Typically, we can combine both an in-person visit to confirm Dr. Bolitho’s cosmetic or reconstructive assessments, and then the following day he performs the surgical procedure.

Step 4. Two weeks before surgery, we will contact you to review important items such as preoperative guidelines, postoperative care and medications or supplements to discontinue.  We will be on hand to help coordinate any medical tests needed either in San Diego or in your local area. Dr. Bolitho affords his patients corporate rates with many local hotels, and we’d be delighted to help you with those arrangements.  Likewise, a specially trained nurse can personally assist with your recovery, if requested.

Step 5. Generally, patients visit with Dr. Bolitho several times within 7 to 12 days after surgery.  While each patient recovers at a different rate, most are able to return home in about two weeks.

Step 6. We will tailor your appointment to fit within your schedule and travel arrangements. Oftentimes, “Virtual Consultations” via Skype, Internet and phone will address routine questions, concerns and confirmations.

*Special Note: The “Virtual Consultation” service offered by Dr. Bolitho is based only on the medical information and photographs made available by the patient through the provided service. Therefore, this is not an adequate substitute for an in person office visit.



 Younger Healthier Cosmetic Correction

To make the most out of your online consultation, and to allow Dr.Bolitho to make the most comprehensive assessment, please do your best to submit your photographs in the following format:

1. Use a solid background.

2. Take one frontal photo with the face or body centered and looking straight.

3. Take 2 profile photos, one clearly demonstrating the right side and the other the left.

4. Images cannot be larger than 600*600.

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