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Patient Surveys

Patient Surveys:

On a regular basis, our office often asks patients if they would like to participate in a survey. For those who have, we thank you for your time, effort, and honesty.

Patient surveys are important to Dr. Bolitho and his medical team because they offer insight into each individual’s experience. Over time, they have become an instrumental tool to help navigate their office to ensure each patient is receiving extraordinary care.

Dr. Bolitho personally reviews each survey.

While the feedback has been excellent, these surveys help the office achieve higher levels of patient care every single day.

We thank each and every person who completed a survey. Above all, continued participation is invaluable.

The loyalty, trust and gratitude patients have conveyed in their surveys mean the world to us.

Please peruse the following patient surveys:


The Digital Age provides patients with valuable information in researching potential physicians and surgeons. Today, patients share their personal experiences online so others have the opportunity to learn more about someone in the medical field.

Because of these reviews, individuals are more empowered when assessingif a doctor is a good match. In tandem with referrals, these online reviews may be a deciding factor for potential patients.

Dr. Bolitho is incredibly thankful for the patient reviews he has received over the years. They have provided insight not only to future patients, but also to him and his medical team.

Always striving to achieve top-tier patient care, Dr. Bolitho views his online physician ratings quite seriously.

He thanks patients who have taken the time to complete these online reviews and welcomes many more. Likewise, he invites potential patients to peruse them as well.

Dr. Bolitho’s online reviews can be retrieved at the following cyber locales:

Special message from Dr. Bolitho:“Thank you to all my patients who have taken the time to complete one or more of these above patient reviews. It means a great deal to me and is so appreciated.”