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There are many factors as to why skin ages. The top-tier reasons are sun damage, gravity, hormonal changes, skin dehydration, and stress.

As time passes, you may notice fine lines, wrinkles, and slack skin around the jowls and neck.

A face lift and neck lift is a popular surgery for both men and women. It won’t stop the hands of time, but will help restore a more youthful appearance.

This procedure can help reduce signs of aging by doing the following:

Surgical Candidates

Ideal surgical candidates for a face lift, otherwise known as arhytidectomy, and neck lift procedure are the following:

Consultation Overview

In your initial consultation, Dr. Bolitho will begin to tailor the right face lift and/or neck lift for you. He will review your overall medical history.

This office visit is a vital one because it’s your opportunity to be candid with Dr. Bolitho in where you can share your aesthetic goals and wishes. He will carefully examine your face and neck area.

Photos will be taken for your medical file and downloaded to a state-of-the-art software program, TouchMD. The photographs will reflect the areas of potential cosmetic surgical treatment and are then uploaded to a touch screen in your examining room. Dr. Bolitho will utilize this software to get more in depth information regarding your aesthetic wishes. Dr. Bolitho will explain the surgical process with this touch screen and discuss the latest techniques he uses to achieve the most desired aesthetic outcome for your facial rejuvenation journey.

If you choose to move forward with your surgery, your patient coordinator will schedule a preoperative appointment. During this appointment you will meet with Dr. Bolitho once again to review your procedure and goals. You will also receive pre and postoperative detailed instructions. Dr. Bolitho will provide you with prescriptions prior to your surgery.

Face Lift Surgery

Your consultation with Dr. Bolitho will determine whether or not you will be undergoing a traditional face lift, limited incision face lift and/or neck lift.

Generally, a face lift may last several hours. For more in-depth procedures, Dr. Bolitho may decide to have separate cosmetic surgery sessions. This, of course, will be discussed beforehand with you.

After your anesthesia has been administered, an incision for a traditional face lift generally starts at the temples along the hairline, then moving forward around the ears, and then lastly to the lower part of the scalp.

Dr. Bolitho may redistribute or re-sculpt fat from the face neck and jowl area. He may also do a combination of both. During the surgery, he will move and change the position of the muscles and deep facial layers. From there, Dr. Bolitho will drape the skin over the newly sculpted area and remove any redundant skin.

If appropriate, Dr. Bolitho may also decide to place another incision beneath the chin to rejuvenate this area.

Sutures and/or skin adhesives will be used to seal the incisions.

A limited incision face lift utilizes smaller temple incisions. Incisions are still present around the ears, and depending on the patient’s goals, the lower eyelids and perhaps the upper lip may also have small incisions.

Following surgery, Dr. Bolitho may place a small, slender draining tube near the ear area to help drain excess fluids and promote healing. To help address swelling and bruising, loose dressings may be applied around your head.

Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift surgery is the ideal procedure to drastically lessen the appearance of slack skin around the neck and jowls. The buildup of fat underneath the chin may be the direct result of sagging jowls and loose neck skin. Dr. Bolitho can address this fat accumulation under the chin which will improve the overall look of the neck.

Generally, a neck lift incision starts on the front side of the earlobe. It then continues around the backside of the ear and stops at the lower scalp.

Face Lift and Neck Lift Recovery

Dr. Bolitho will prescribe medication to help lessen any discomfort you may feel. Numbness of the surgical area is quite normal, and may last several months.

Although you will be moving around in a couple of days, you must be in recovery and relaxation mode for about a week.

Because your face, neck and scalp may be numb, use extra caution when tending to these areas.

Light walks are permitted, but Dr. Bolitho will need to approve any other higher level of activities.

Dr. Bolitho will provide you will clear and concise instructions to help you move forward in your recovery.

Swelling and bruising may last a few weeks. Most patients return to the workplace in a couple of weeks and use a makeup concealer to camouflage any residual bruising.

In your initial consultation, Dr. Bolitho explains how cosmetic surgery is a journey. The transformations are wonderful, but patience is needed as your body adjusts to their new improvements.