Bolitho MD

9834 Genesee Ave Ste 311 La Jolla San Diego, California
Phone: (858) 458-5100

Consulting Suite

The consulting suite is on the same floor as the operating room complex. The additional suite was added in 2015 to celebrate our growing practice.

The suite is used for consultations, preoperative, post operative and follow up visits. There are dedicated rooms for laser and skin care and a photography studio.

In the reception area is an espresso bar were our patients are treated to specialty coffee creations, each whipped up by our on staff barista.

Tucked away in the consulting suite is the Clifton Room. The finest of patient care begins here in a warm setting, punctuated with a memorable ambience. The room exudes comfort allowing a patient the time they need to discuss their needs with Dr. Bolitho and patient concierge, Karen Martindale.

In many respects, the Clifton Room satisfies the unexpressed personalized desires of our patients, and the move into a larger suite made the Clifton Room possible.

In many respects, the Clifton Room allows patients the ample time they need to spend with Dr. Bolitho and his medical team. Even with a demanding practice, Dr. Bolitho welcomed this new opportunity making certain his patients were indeed receiving the attention they deserved.

And that was the mission all along: enhanced patient care, memorable comfort, and a polished ambience.