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Breast reduction

Breast reduction in San Diego

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Those who seek breast reduction surgery often do so because they are uncomfortable with their large breasts.

Women with overly large, natural breasts often consider breast reduction for multiple reasons. Some suffer from back and neck pain, may have challenges exercising, and cannot find appropriate clothing.

Oftentimes, women with larger breasts have bra straps which painfully dig into their shoulders caused from the weight of their breasts.

Breast reduction surgery, often referred to as a reduction mammaplasty, helps decrease a woman’s breast size so they are in better proportion of their overall physique.

A breast reduction surgery involves the removal of certain amount of extra breast fat and glandular tissue. Following this removal, redundant skin may be apparent so Dr. Bolitho will remove this if necessary.

A breast reduction surgery transforms overly large breasts into a new size and shape which help alleviate discomfort and give women a new sense of confidence.

Surgical Candidates

Ideal surgical candidates for breast reduction surgery include the following:


During your initial consultation, Dr. Bolitho will review your overall medical history. You will have ample time to discuss your breast reduction along with any aesthetic goals you may have. Dr. Bolitho will explain the various breast reduction techniques available to you.

He will also create his own medical documentation including measurements.

Photographs for your medical file will be taken by his nurse and automatically downloaded to a state-of-the-art software program, TouchMD. Following them being uploaded to a touch screen in your examining room, Dr. Bolitho will utilize this software to get more in depth information regarding your reduction surgery. Dr. Bolitho will explain the surgical process with this touch screen and discuss the latest techniques he uses to achieve the most desired aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Bolitho’s office will also have “before and after” photographs available for you if you’d like to see the results of his previous patients.

If you choose to move forward with your surgery, your patient coordinator will schedule a preoperative appointment. During this appointment you will meet with Dr. Bolitho once again to review your breast reduction procedure. You will also receive pre and postoperative detailed instructions. Dr. Bolitho will provide you with prescriptions prior to your surgery.

Breast reduction, just like any cosmetic surgery procedure is a journey, so it’s important to Dr. Bolitho that you feel comfortable and confident while under his care.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Your consultation and preoperative appointments with Dr. Bolitho will determine which breast reduction procedure you will undergo.

There are various breast reconstruction techniques Dr. Bolitho performs based on a patient’s breast composition and their desired goal breast size.

The incision techniques include:

For more a more comprehensive breast reduction, the nipple is repositioned but intact with its blood and nerve supply. Dr. Bolitho, at this point, may also decrease the areola size, if aesthetically required.

However, for larger, overhanging breasts, Dr. Bolitho may have to detach and transplant the nipple areola region to a higher area.

The last step in the surgery is suturing the incisions which ultimately reshape smaller breasts.

While dressings are applied, many patients are also fitted with a postsurgical bra.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Before going home, you and your caregiver will be given detailed instructions regarding the care of your surgical site, medications, and follow-up appointment with Dr. Bolitho.

A postsurgical bra will help reduce swelling and support the reduction. A couple thin draining tubes may be placed to help drain excess fluid and speed up healing.

The first couple of days following surgery are when patients may feel sensitivity and pain. Dr. Bolitho will prescribe medication to reduce any discomfort you may have. This soreness and tenderness may last anywhere from 7 to 10 days.

While every patient is different, most women return back to work within two weeks. If work requires high levels of activity then this timeframe may stretch to a longer date.

It may take up to a couple months for your energy to restore to normal.

While patients can return to light walks early on, Dr. Bolitho will instruct you as to when you can resume your normal exercise levels. It’s also important to be fitted for a quality athletic bra.

Although your scars will fade as the months go by, they will still be somewhat visible.

In your initial consultation, Dr. Bolitho explains how cosmetic surgery is a journey. The transformations are wonderful, but patience is needed as your body adjusts to their new improvements.