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Brachioplasty/Arm lift

Brachioplasty/Arm lift


Arm lift surgery, also known as a brachioplasty, is being touted as one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the United States. The procedure reshapes the underside of the upper arms, giving patients a more sculpted appearance.

There are multiple reasons for skin in this area to lose its elasticity and have fat deposits, which may include:

For those who have committed to exercise, and have not seen an improvement in their upper arms, than an arm lift surgery may be a good option to consider.

Patients who undergo a brachioplasty notice a vast transformation in their upper arm definition, including smoother skin, and feeling more confident in short-sleeved clothing.

Surgical Candidates

Those who benefit from a brachioplasty include:

Consultation Overview

During your initial consultation, Dr. Bolitho will assess your arms, determining the best method to reshape their contours. The goal of a brachioplasty is to remove redundant skin which sags, reshape and tighten supportive tissue, and decrease localized fat deposits.

Photos will be taken for your medical file and automatically downloaded to a state-of-the-art software program, TouchMD. The photographs will reflect the areas of potential cosmetic surgical treatment and are then uploaded to a touch screen in your examining room. Dr. Bolitho will utilize this software to get more in depth information regarding your aesthetic wishes. Dr. Bolitho will explain the surgical process with this touch screen and discuss the latest techniques he uses to achieve the most desired aesthetic outcome.

If you choose to move forward with your surgery, your patient coordinator will schedule a preoperative appointment. During this appointment you will meet with Dr. Bolitho once again to review your procedure and goals. You will also receive pre and postoperative detailed instructions. Dr. Bolitho will provide you with prescriptions prior to your surgery.

Arm Lift Surgery

After your anesthesia has been administered, your incision will be based on the area of the upper arms which needs surgical attention. Dr. Bolitho will discuss with you beforehand the location.

Typically, Dr. Bolitho places the incisions on either the inside or back of the arms. Depending on the aesthetic goal, the incision may start at the underarm area and continue to the elbow. Incisions lengths and patterns vary for each patient.

Oftentimes, liposuction will be utilized for fat removal.

During the surgery, Dr. Bolitho will tighten and sculpt the underlying supportive tissues. Once the new contour of the arm is established, the skin is then placed over the new area and sutured.

Absorbable sutures are commonly used in arm lift surgeries.

Arm Lift Recovery

Following surgery, your incisions will be covered and wrapped with dressings and bandages. To reduce swelling, Dr. Bolitho may also decide to have your arms in a compression garment or elastic bandage.

During surgery, a small temporary draining tube may be placed, in order to collect any excess fluid and blood after the procedure to promote healing.

Although some swelling and bruising is likely to occur following surgery, you’ll notice the new contour and tone of your upper arms taking shape.

In your initial consultation, Dr. Bolitho explains how cosmetic surgery is a journey. The transformations are wonderful, but patience is needed as your body adjusts to their new improvements.