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9Feb, 2017

Providing patients with calm and comfort

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Providing patients with calm and comfort

Patient concierge Karen Martindale redefines the art of patient care. 

When a person decides to embark on a plastic surgery procedure, it can trigger a sense of enthusiasm, and for some, a feeling of empowerment. Despite these initial feelings, it’s highly important for potential patients to encounter professionalism during a plastic surgery consultation which should also be punctuated by a sense of calm and comfort.

Karen Martindale, who serves as patient concierge for San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho, shared the significance of creating this patient atmosphere.

“We really try to put patients at ease through communication and getting to know them better prior to the examination portion of their visit,” Ms. Martindale said.

Both Dr. Bolitho and Ms. Martindale decided to afford patients with a special experience by creating their consultation suite otherwise known as the Clifton Room. This room is utilized for ensuring patient comfort in where individuals have the time that they need to speak with Ms. Martindale and ultimately Dr. Bolitho.

Rather than having patients transfer from the reception room to an examining room, it was decided to have patients relax in a private sitting room. Patients have the opportunity to view a “before-and-after” patient gallery on a flat screen as well as sharing their aesthetic wishes to Ms. Martindale and Dr. Bolitho.

“Our goal was to make the consultation less formal than other medical practices,” Ms. Martindale said. “Dr. Bolitho really likes to get to know his patients. That’s so important to him.”

Ms. Martindale went on to say that the patient experience during a consultation transcends to much more than a potential cosmetic surgery.

“Dr. Bolitho is extremely warm and kindhearted. He likes to know about a person’s general health, their lifestyle, and even their family. For Dr. Bolitho, it’s about building relationships,” she said.

Once a potential patient has had the opportunity to discuss their aesthetic wishes in the Clifton Room, the next step is the examining room if they so choose.

While Ms. Martindale has been in the field of plastic surgery for more than 25 years, her compassion for patient care has never waned. Like Dr. Bolitho, she understands how an examination for a procedure such as a breast lift or tummy tuck can trigger a natural awkwardness. It’s Ms. Martindale’s intention to make patients feel as relaxed as possible, and the Clifton Room serves as a nice segue to the examining room portion of the visit.

According to Ms. Martindale, a plastic surgery consultation lasts roughly about an hour. She also shared how they have a goal to achieve during each and every consultation.

“We want patients to feel totally comfortable and want them to know that they are in wonderful hands because we care,” she said. “Our patients become part of our practice family.”

15Jan, 2016

New Year, New Aesthetic Possibilities

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New Year, New Aesthetic Possibilities

Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho

Ringing in the New Year, many individuals look forward to a renewed sense of invigoration which may also include rejuvenation by way of aesthetic procedures. An array of surgical and nonsurgical procedures invariably affords patients with youthful possibilities.

Also in the New Year, world renowned board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho, is delighted to announce the expansion of his practice to include both a consulting suite and surgical suite. Both are located at the Scripps Memorial Hospital campus in La Jolla and have effectively redefined the art of patient care.

This exciting development adds another dimension to Dr. Bolitho’s medical practice.

Former patients will discover that Dr. Bolitho’s original office has been transformed into the official operating suite. And only steps away, individuals will enter an attractive consulting suite designed for an exceptional patient experience.

Upon arrival, patients are greeted with a warm welcome which many have found comforting and something they look forward to throughout the years. Overall, patients will discover the consulting suite to offer a relaxing ambience punctuated by professionalism and compassion.

Regarded for blending both science and art, Dr. Bolitho’s patients have the opportunity to discuss their aesthetic wish list while learning how he adeptly intertwines advanced surgical techniques with patient care. For Dr. Bolitho, this additional suite is yet another avenue for assurance that his patients are receiving tailored care and undivided attention by him and his entire excellent medical team.

Dr. Bolitho’s patients deserve this exclusivity.

Also ringing in the New Year, Dr. Bolitho has brought onboard two exceptional registered nurses by the names of Elizabeth Reed and Nicole Dowler to his established practice. While attending to patients in the clinic, their adeptness in delivering cosmetic injections such as Botox and fillers remains exceptional. Their qualifications will surely enhance the patient satisfaction experience.

The art of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery remains an unwavering passion that stems from Dr. Bolitho’s ongoing surgical expertise and dedication.

To learn more about Dr. Bolitho and the location of his new consulting suite, please visit or call (858) 458-5100.

23Dec, 2015

Holidays: Cosmetic Procedure Time

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Holidays: Cosmetic Procedure Time
When one thinks of the holiday season, they often conjure up images in their mind of shopping, decorating their home, office parties, and family gatherings. The holidays are a precursor to celebrating the New Year.

While these festivities move full steam ahead, a recent press release floating around cyberspace indicated that the month of December is also one where there is a marked increase in plastic surgery procedures.

Reporter, Rachel Gross from Slate, indicated to her readers that when she first saw the press release, she thought it was gag of some sort. But as she read on, she realized it was anything but a joke.

She wrote, “People really do get more plastic surgeries in December. Surgeons consistently report a surge in people coming to them for procedures at this time of year, with treatments and surgeries often increasing by 20 to 30 percent.”

So why is this so?

According to the research consensus on this subject, December affords so many people long stretches of vacation time, particularly toward the end of the month. For an operative facial procedure such as a lower limited facelift, temporal lobe lift, eyelid surgery, or neck lift surgery, there is some bruising and swelling which can last up to two weeks. Following this downtime, people can return to work with limited swelling and any residual bruising can easily be camouflaged with a touch of makeup.

And operative facial rejuvenation procedures are actually the most sought after during the month of December. During the holidays, avoiding co-workers and others during the recovery stretch can be done far easier than the rest of the year.

And for those interested in body contouring procedures such as a breast augmentation, a patient can be back to the workplace or even be part of the holiday festivities a week or so after her procedure.

And speaking of the holidays, gift buyers such as significant others are purchasing a “treatment gift certificate” for whatever procedure their recipient wants.

While operative procedures were mentioned in the research and media, it’s also important to point out the large role cosmetic injections have made in the world of plastic surgery. Many have opted to have either fillers or Botox done in the early part of the month to have them looking their best during the holidays.

Cosmetic injections require no downtime. Minimal redness and bruising may be apparent for some a couple days following the procedure. A skilled hand such as a board certified plastic surgeon or one of their highly skilled injectable nurses adeptly deliver fillers and Botox for optimal results and minimal side-effects such as bruising.

While one group has benefited from these liquid facelifts, others have chosen a series of chemical peels before the holidays so their facial canvas is smooth and luminous. Generally, it’s recommended to have a chemical peel about two weeks before an event.

The holidays are a time for celebration, but it also seems it is the time for someone to celebrate themselves through their own gift of aesthetics.

7Dec, 2015

Deciding on cosmetic fillers

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Deciding on cosmetic fillers

Cosmetic injections continue to change in ways that people never thought possible to help in their quest for youthful beauty. Also referred to as a liquid facelift, cosmetic injections bridge an aesthetic gap for those in their thirties, forties, and even fifties.

As one ages, they begin to lose volume around their mouths, lips and cheeks. Marionette lines, also known as parenthesis around the mouth, become more apparent and the youthful volume in the cheek area begins to dissipate.

With the passage of time, the fullness of one’s lips begins to decrease.

Injectable fillers can help rejuvenate these areas and results can be seen almost immediately. The process takes under 20 minutes. Yet, it is still considered a medical procedure and should be viewed as one for a very distinct reason.

The individual delivering the injectable filler should be a board certified plastic surgeon or a nurse who works alongside a plastic surgeon who has been trained extensively in this area. Cosmetic injections are about aesthetics, and plastic surgeons specialize in facial anatomy so doctors in this field of medicine would be the optimal choice.

As mentioned before, fillers are meant to add volume and redefine specific areas of the face that one in plastic surgery naturally grasps. For the safety of a person seeking an injectable filler, it’s never advised to undergo a procedure at a beauty party hosted at a home or non-medical destination such as a spa or salon.

For safety and optimal results, the procedure must be done in a medical office setting, and natural looking results are part of this aesthetic recipe.

Plastic surgeons deliver fillers very slowly and methodically. They make certain the end result is not dramatic but instead subtle rejuvenation which highlights a person’s natural features. Conservative results are the goal.

If one is interested in proceeding with a cosmetic filler, it usually can be done in tandem with the consultation appointment. During the consultation, a close-up facial photo will be taken and then uploaded to a touchscreen monitor in the examining room.

The photo is for both the patient and the plastic surgeon. While the patient points out what areas of their face they would like to rejuvenate, the plastic surgeon can discuss how to achieve those goals and if a filler would offer youthful benefits. A plastic surgeon not only remains on the cutting-edge of microsurgical techniques but also on cosmetic injections and how to effectively deliver them.

If the consultation appointment goes smoothly and a person would like to proceed with a liquid facelift, a lidocaine cream is applied first to numb the area. Roughly, it takes ten minutes for the cream to take effect.

Methodically, the doctor delivers a few to several injections in a general area. Once they feel they have reached the desired result, a patient will be given the opportunity to view the enhancement. If they would like more filler, the doctor will be candid in regards to distributing more.

There is no downtime from these cosmetic injections. In fact, many patients return to work following their appointment. Soreness may be present and slight bruising can be covered with foundation or concealer makeup.

Cosmetic injections are a great tool in aesthetics affording people a new pathway toward renewed beauty.

17Sep, 2015

Summer Is Over But Not The Sunscreen

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Sunscreen by stockimages by stockimages

While the lazy days of summer are officially coming to a close, by no means is it a time to pack away the sunscreen. For many, although they may not be spending as much time outdoors, they still require solar protection when they are.

As the hot months begin to drop in temperature, it’s important to maintain solar protection diligence. One cannot be reminded often enough how the sun can wreak havoc on the skin. In addition to causing premature aging with wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and hyperpigmentation, unprotected sun exposure is still considered the leading cause of skin cancer.

Here is a quick review to ensure skin care health not only in the summer, but all year long.

Skin Protection Strategies

There are indeed methods one can implement to promote their skin care health. They include combining the following guidelines to help ensure the best possible protection:

  • Seek shade when possible.
  • Apply a waterproof broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of 30 and active ingredients of zinc and titanium (SPF 30 can block out up to 97 percent of ultra violet rays).
  • Avoid outdoor hours between 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. when the sun is most powerful.
  • Wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses when outdoors.
  • Apply sunscreen even on overcast days.
  • Apply sunscreen while in the car since windows cannot ward off all ultraviolet rays.

When sunscreen becomes a daily ritual, it becomes habitual in nature.

Skin Care Health Myths

Undoubtedly, there are skin care myths floating around in and out of cyberspace. However, when it comes to one’s health in avoiding skin cancer, the quicker the myths are discredited, the better.

An annual appointment with a dermatologist will allow a doctor to perform a skin check. Some think that melanoma is found on the face. However, for women it is generally found on the legs, and for men, on the back.

On the other hand, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are generally located on the neck and face.

Another skin care myth is that individuals get majority of their sun exposure when they are children. According to health care professionals, 25 percent is received in a person’s first 20 years of their life. And the other 25 percent of exposure is between the ages of 20 to 40 years of age.

So in essence, it’s never too late to begin a healthy skin care regimen.

Another myth is regarding the shelf life of sunscreen. They do not last for years. Do pay attention to expiration dates and discontinue the use when a bottle has exceeded those dates. Active ingredients in sunscreen become less effective after expiration dates.

Skin Care Health Awareness:

As the effort of skin care health continues in the nation, this spurs individuals to make wiser decisions. As people are living healthier lives, it’s only natural that sunscreen is a piece to the puzzle.

And while checking one’s skin on a monthly basis is wise, it’s never a substitute for an annual appointment with a dermatologist.


13Jul, 2015

Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho Chosen As 2015 Castle Connolly Top Doctor

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For the second consecutive year, San Diego plastic surgeon, Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho, was chosen for the 2015 regional Top Doctor List by the highly regarded organization of Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. Once again, Dr. Bolitho is both honored and delighted to be recognized by this elite organization.

According to Maria Salvador, the director of corporate resources at Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., they take the challenge of identifying “Top Doctors” very seriously.

“Since the company’s founding in 1991, our ‘Top Doctors’ guides have been identifying the nation’s best doctors and hospitals in every part of the country and in every medical specialty. Our lists are based on peer nominations and professional assessments by our physician-led research team and not on hype, advertising, or third parties that have something to gain by recommending a particular provider,” she said. “Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors are rigorously selected from among hundreds of thousands of physicians. Our intensive research methodology is designed to identify doctors that will speed patients’ healing, minimize pain and discomfort, shorten recovery periods and enhance and lengthen lives – in other words, achieve the best possible health outcomes.”

The goal for Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., is to help individuals locate the best healthcare in all fields of medicine. Salvador pointed out they have published a variety of books including the “Top Doctors” series, the most popular of which is America’s Top Doctors® for over two decades. Now in the Internet Age, they are dedicating their resources to online and digital distribution.

Salvador also wants people to know that anyone can draw up a “Top” or “Best” list and many do.

“Pharmaceutical companies favor those physicians who are high prescribers of their drugs,” she said, adding how other mentions may be paid listings. Salvador continued, “But Castle Connolly has no such conflicts of interest. Our sole purpose is to help patients, their families, and their employers find health care providers who deliver superior results. Doctors do not and cannot pay to be included in any Castle Connolly Guide or online directory.”

Championed by a Castle Connolly physician team, this group prudently assesses and analyzes the credentials of every nominated physician. They peruse the following:

  • Magazine Articles
  • Website
  • Medical Education and Training
  • Board Certifications
  • Hospital Affiliations and Appointments
  • Professional Achievements

And more….

In 2014 and 2015, Dr. Bolitho was selected as “Regional Top Doctors” which is typically done by nomination of his peers in the metropolitan area. “These doctors are considered to be the physician leaders in their community,” Salvador said, “and attract majority of their patient base from the local population.”

Dr. Bolitho is quadrupled certified in the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain and South Africa. He is serving his second term as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla. At the University of California in San Diego, Dr. Bolitho fulfills a non-salaried appointment as Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Bolitho’s plastic surgery fellowship training was at the prestigious Emory University in Atlanta. Following a full-time faculty position there, he founded his La Jolla private practice in 2000.

For decades, Dr. Bolitho has been an active member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

While providing extraordinary care for his patients is his ongoing mission, he feels privileged to be recognized by Castle Connolly as one of their Regional Top Doctors.

13Feb, 2015

Recovery Time for a Mommy Makeover Varies

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Mother and two kids silhouettes on beach at sunset

When a woman completes her family and has given birth to her last child, she may begin to think of a rejuvenation surgery for her body. For many females, undergoing pregnancy can take a bodily toll on her abdomen and breasts.

While the numbers may drop on the scale, the excess skin generally remains and cannot return to its natural position. It’s all part of pregnancy.

The great news is that a rejuvenation procedure called a mommy makeover can help restore a woman’s body back to her pre-pregnancy days. While the procedure undoubtedly provides wonderful results including a flatter abdomen, a slimmer waistline, and more youthful looking breasts, the recovery time is indeed something to be mindful about.

Some women try comparing the recovery time of a mommy makeover to a C-section, but this isn’t quite accurate in terms of a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty.

While each woman recovers at a different rate, at the end of the day, what dictates the recovery time is what type of tummy tuck a surgeon has chosen for their patient.

A breast lift, with or without an implant, will cause some discomfort, but the abdominoplasty along with muscle plication is really the determining factor.

Liposuction is generally utilized during a tummy tuck as it truly sculpts the abdomen, hips and waist. The three types of procedures to choose from are the following:

  • Liposuction only: For patients with limited excess skin and small amounts of fat deposits
  • Mini-abdominoplasty: For patients who require below the belly button abdominal improvements
  • Full abdominoplasty: For patients who require both below and above the belly button abdominal improvements

As mentioned before, the more muscle plication involved, the longer the recovery.

The good news, however, is over the last few years the advent of longer acting anesthetics lasting up to four to five days has modernized healing.

San Diego board certified surgeons are discovering that by utilizing this along with spinal anesthesia during the time of general anesthesia, is providing patients different modalities to enhance their recovery.

In turn, patients are in less discomfort after surgery.

The revolutionary idea that pain management starts in the operating room has broken the proverbial glass ceiling and is making huge strides in the world of not only cosmetic surgery, but all operations.

Some surgeons are calling this movement preempted pain relief so that prior to even starting the surgery, local anesthetic is injected into the surgical field. This very well has proved to minimize a patient’s anesthetic requirements so they awaken more clearly while blocking the pain for a longer period of time.

Patients following this surgical protocol, including mommy makeovers, do much better.

In terms of recovery, while patients may be walking the day of surgery or on the very next day, total recovery takes about four weeks. And if a woman’s profession is not physically laborious, she can return to work sooner.

For the first few days following surgery, assistance will be needed especially if a patient has younger children. In advance, she will need to designate a caregiver, be it a family member or friend. It’s also recommended to have a nurse stay with her the first night or two following surgery to monitor her progress.

Plastic surgery takes patience because it is a journey with amazing results. And mommy makeovers afford ladies a lovely transformation.