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13Jul, 2016

Online Consultations Garner Attention

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Online Consultations Garner Attention

A new online cosmetic consultation portal helps individuals connect with multiple plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgery is an evolving field of medicine affording patients with refined techniques, superior technology, and strides in science at every turn. While patients are benefiting from these numerous changes, pathways in learning more about procedures and board certified plastic surgeons are progressing, too.

A variety of internet platforms such as patient review sites have helped numerous individuals. However, there is a new site named Zwivel that has emerged addressing the needs of potential patients living in a fast-paced world. Described as an online cosmetic consultation portal, individuals can connect with multiple plastic surgeons learning about the procedures they are interested in, recovery information, surgery prices, and more.

Janet Morrissey of the New York Times wrote a comprehensive piece on Zwivel. While plastic surgery entails even nonsurgical treatments such as cosmetic injections, it’s an industry that is indeed becoming part of the American culture. And it’s available to everyone. 

Many who have used Zwivel are calling it the pre-step to a plastic surgery consultation. It’s a complimentary site for potential patients which can mean a cost and time savings of booking multiple consultations with plastic surgeons in the early stages of their research.

Founded by Dr. Gary Breslow and Dr. Craig Abramowitz, Zwivel was created to help make the introductory process with plastic surgeons and prospective patients more effective.

“Just as allows strangers to scroll through and evaluate potential dates, Zwivel allows patients and doctors to size up each other and ask questions before committing to surgery,” Morrissey reports. “The site allows patients to check out doctors’ credentials, send photos or videos of themselves to preferred doctors, and get those doctors to answer questions about cosmetic procedures and prices, all free.”

With a Zwivel connection, the same questions can be sent to multiple doctors allowing a person to decide which doctor is a better match.

According to Zwivel, numbers have swelled since 2015. Last year, 800 doctors were signed up and that has skyrocketed to 1,400. Patient numbers have jumped from 6,100 to over 28,000.

When interviewing co-founder Dr. Breslow, he conveyed to the New York Times that roughly 36 percent of individuals who book a consultation actually move forward in scheduling the surgery. Dr. Breslow believed that this ratio was a direct link to people having incorrect or insufficient facts prior to their appointment. 

“Patients who are severely overweight sometimes think liposuction is the answer, and I tell them, ‘You don’t need liposuction; you need to lose weight,’” Dr. Breslow told the New York Times in his article. “Or a patient may want $20,000 worth of surgery and thinks the whole thing is going to cost $200.”

For some, Zwivel is creating a window of opportunity to transform connections between individuals and doctors into formal consultations. It also affords people with the opportunity to be reminded of realistic expectations and to help do away with any misconceptions.

While Morrissey pointed out that not everyone is still convinced that a virtual consultation is their current way of doing things, it’s available. And at the end of the day, having options and being mindful is always a great thing when plastic surgery is up for consideration. 


8Jul, 2016

Facial rejuvenation for summer events

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Facial rejuvenation for summer events

Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments provide a boost of youth before special events.

Summer is a popular time of year for hosting special events since the weather is perfect for outdoor venues. Be it a wedding or another type of gathering, many already have their invitations or know they are on the way. Some may wonder what types of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures to consider before their event to provide them with a youthful boost.

And there are some excellent choices on the aesthetic menu.

Non-operative facial rejuvenation treatments can be quite appealing because they are cost effective and there is limited to no downtime. While these treatments are minimally invasive, it’s important to note that they are still considered medical treatments so it’s always recommended to seek these procedures in a medical setting. Many plastic surgery offices have their aesthetic nurses performing these treatments.

Registered nurses who are trained in aesthetics have comprehensive knowledge of the facial anatomy which is vital for optimal outcomes. They are also skilled in an array of areas for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. It’s important to partner with a medical professional about the treatment(s) one is interested in a few weeks before an event for perfect timing.

Cosmetic Injections

Botox, Voluma, Juvederm, and Kybella have single handedly changed the world of aesthetics. While Botox smooths out fine lines and softens wrinkles, Voluma adds fullness to the cheek area which naturally diminishes with aging. While the effects of Botox last a few months or more, for some patients, Voluma can last up to two years.

For the lower portions of the facial canvas, Juvederm lessens the appearance of marionette lines, also known to many as parenthesis around the mouth. Juvederm can add volume, suppressing these lines for six months to a year.

Kybella addresses submental fullness, destroying fat cells located on the underside of the chin. As long as a patient maintains their weight the visual results are considered permanent.

There is little to no downtime with the above injections.

Chemical Peels 

While cosmetic injections offer excellent results, chemical peels address skin texture. A chemical peel can help with the following skin concerns:

  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lessen the appearance of age spots
  • Even out skin tone
  • Soften skin texture

A series of light chemical peels can provide optimal results.


This procedure also enhances the skin and is considered excellent for exfoliating the top layers of dead skin cells and removing vellus hair (peach fuzz). Dermaplaning can be a solo treatment or be done prior to a light chemical peel. If combined, the full treatment takes under an hour. And since there is no downtime, patients can resume their day.

When done in tandem, the chemical peel product will have deeper penetration.

Dermaplaning leaves facial skin baby soft and smooth for excellent makeup application. Dermaplaning has become so popular, patients receive a treatment on a monthly basis.

There are a host of nonsurgical treatments to help prepare individuals for a special occasion. And if there is none on the horizon, invest in oneself for a more youthful and luminous glow.

29Jun, 2016

Top Summer Skin Care Tips

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Top Summer Skin Care Tips
While we are saying goodbye to June and entering July, some people haven’t switched over to their summer skin care defense yet. Through the hustle and bustle of summer activity that’s perfectly understandable, but it’s highly recommended by skin care professionals to get on track as soon as possible.

A jump start to summer skin care can be done right now to avoid premature skin aging and even help ward off skin cancer.

Here is a glimpse into 5 top tips:

The Freckle Halt
It seems that during the summer months, those little freckles around the nose and cheek area really make their grand entrance. This very well could be a sign that not enough or the right sunscreen is being applied for skin care protection. Consider this as a “cue” for seeking the advice of an aesthetic nurse or skin care specialist who can help guide someone in utilizing the right solar protection. Not only will it lessen the appearance of age spots, but handpicked products chosen for one’s specific skin type can add a barrier to premature skin aging which also includes fine lines and wrinkles.

Youthful Eyes
The sun can zap skin hydration on every part of the body including around the eyes. Add a boost of youth with the right topical ingredients to reverse those fine lines. With the assistance of an aesthetic nurse, those with persistent fine lines around the eyes could be candidates for Botox. And always remember to wear sunglasses when outdoors for extra protection.

Lip Care
While so many people have a solar defense placed with their sunscreen application, more times than not, lip care may be overlooked. Ultra violet rays can damage one’s lips so it really is vital to blanket them with an SPF 30 or more lip balm.

Overall Skin Hydration
With fun in the sun comes skin dehydration. One may notice more flaky skin on their arms and legs. While showering, use a body exfoliator. A hot shower will cause further hydration so as tempting as it may be, bring down that water temperature. Following a shower, apply a body moisturizer. An ultra-rich body butter is always a top choice.

*It’s especially important to note that a body exfoliator should never be used on the face since it will be too harsh. Please seek the advice of an aesthetic nurse or skin care specialist to assist in choosing the right facial topical treatments.

Lovely Locks
While sunscreen can help keep skin youthful, there are tips to help hair from becoming dry, brittle and frizzy during the summer months. For starters, swim caps are making a comeback, and it’s the perfect retro look for protecting hair from chlorine and saltwater.

When outdoors, tuck those locks under a hat or wear a ponytail. A couple times a week, use a deep conditioner to promote hydration. And when possible, let hair dry naturally in lieu of using a hair dryer. For hair that’s drying naturally, spritz on a conditioner and scrunch for a beachy look.

23Jun, 2016

The Sunscreen Defense

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The Sunscreen Defense

Skin safety education is a vital component to skin care health.

Summertime is officially here. As everyone begins retreating outdoors for some fun in the sun, arming oneself with a solar defense bears repeating. A regular application of sunscreen can empower people to promote their own skin care health and prevent premature sun damage.

Elizabeth Reed, a registered nurse who specializes in aesthetics, is a huge proponent in patient education. She works alongside with San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho. It’s important for Reed to empower her patients with sunscreen knowledge. In turn, her patients naturally educate their own children when they learn that most experience their largest amount of sun exposure under the age of 18.

Skin safety education is a vital component to skin care health.

Reed pointed out that according to the American Academy of Dermatology, a regular application of sunscreen when outdoors can lower a person’s risk of developing skin cancer. Sobering statics reveal that 1 in 5 individuals will be diagnosed with skin cancer.

For discerning individuals who want to shield themselves from sun damage, they generally utilize a sunscreen for their body and another for their facial area. Healthcare professionals recommend that people seek a water resistant sunscreen which has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or more.

While some believe that using their sunscreen from last summer is a good idea, it’s highly recommended to purchase a new bottle. Ingredients are usually less potent after it’s been opened for a few months or longer.

There are numerous sunscreens to choose from. Yet, Reed admitted that she has her own preferred choice when it comes to facial solar protection.

“My favorite facial brand is Skin Medica Total Defense & Repair which comes in a tinted and un-tinted version. It’s a SPF 34,” Reed said. “Not only will it protect you from the sun, but it will help with fine lines and wrinkles, too.”

Reed noted there is a difference between chemical and physical sunscreens. While broad spectrum chemical sunscreens absorb UVA and UVB rays, physical sunscreens block them from penetration. Ingredients listed on physical sunscreens are generally zinc and titanium dioxide.

Some find it helpful to know that a physical sunscreen of SPF 30 can generally deflect up to 97 percent of ultra violet rays.

Other helpful safety tips Reed shared include the following:

  • Apply sunscreen about 10 to 20 minutes before going outdoors.
  • Apply about an ounce of sunscreen which equals the amount of a shot glass.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours.
  • Reapply sunscreen immediately after swimming, water sports, or sweating.
  • Apply sunscreen even on overcast days.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses when outdoors.
  • Seek shade when possible especially when the sun is most intense (11:00 am and 2:00 pm)
  • Apply and reapply every couple hours a SPF 30 lip balm.

From an aesthetic point of view, when one is diligent with their sunscreen application, it can be a powerful tool in lessening the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation.

When sunscreen becomes a daily habit, in turn, it becomes second nature to help promote a youthful beauty and overall wellness.

15Jun, 2016

Dermapen rejuvenates and renews

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A new revolutionary treatment is causing a stir in the world of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. With an innovative eye to the aesthetic future, micro needling renews skin and promotes a luminous glow.

With so many devices to choose from, medical professionals have come to rely on US manufactured Dermapen.  One such professional is aesthetic registered nurse Elizabeth Reed; she works for Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho, a highly regarded San Diego plastic surgeon.

According to Reed, their medical practice recently introduced micro needling to its menu of services–and they are delighted they did. They are especially thrilled to be offering it for less than $400 per treatment.

“Dermapen is a little tool I glide over a patient’s face about three times. It’s fine little needles on the endpoint create little micro channels into the skin,” Reed said. “The exciting part is how these mini micro channels help stimulate collagen and add new collagen. These micro channels also offer the opportunity for me to deliver result-driven products into the skin.”

Reed pointed out that product penetration via micro needling receives eighty percent better absorption through micro channeling as opposed to merely applying a product topically to the face.

Additionally, this trailblazing technique helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, lifts and tightens, and improves overall skin tone and texture.

For those with acne scar challenges, micro needling can soften thickened texture and reduce pore size.

Reed went on to share that micro needling treatments range from four to six visits and are spaced about a month apart.

In regards to downtime, there may be some residual redness following the treatment which may last a few days.

“I generally tell my patients to allow themselves about five full days for a full healing process, but you can definitely apply makeup and return to your normal activities the very next day,” she said. “Post micro needling will not interrupt your daily lifestyle which is so attractive to our patients.”

Reed noted that patients are generally noticing skin improvements after a couple of treatments.  During the micro needling treatment, Reed is infusing a product named Alastin Nectar.

“This is a collagen-stimulating product that we’ve brought into our practice.  It’s something that you can actually start before your Dermapen to prep the skin and continue using after as an adjunct to all your other products,” she said. Reed continued, “The science behind this product is incredibly strong as far as creating new collagen and elastin. We have really seen fabulous results.”

On average, micro needling with Dermapen last under 30 minutes. However, before the treatment, Reed applies a topical numbing agent on the face to make the procedure more comfortable.

From start to finish, the visit can last about an hour.

On occasion, Reed is also a proponent of having her patients undergo a combination treatment of Dermaplaning followed by micro needling. Dermaplaning removes the top layers of dead skin cells and vellus hair thereby preparing the skin for an optimal Dermapen treatment.

“I actually love combining these treatments,” she said. “I tailor each treatment to a patient’s skin care need and aesthetic goal.”

Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures are presenting patients with an array of choices in achieving and maintaining youthful skin.

10Jun, 2016

Sweet Summer Beauty Specials

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Sweet Summer Beauty Specials

Let our registered aesthetic nurse, Elizabeth Reed, get you ready for summer during the entire month of June. Kick off summertime with a flawless facial canvas at our aesthetic department nestled inside our consultation suite.

Micro Needling by Dermapen

Special Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for only $300 (regularly priced at $350)

Kybella by Allergan

Decrease submental fullness (double chin) with Kybella for only $500 per vial (regularly priced at $600 per vial)

Summer Botox Special

$12 per unit (regularly priced at $13 per unit)

During your tailored session with Elizabeth, she will evaluate your skin and provide helpful tips to minimize the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin texture, and age spots.

“Sweet Summer Beauty Specials” will end on June 30, 2016 so please make your appointment by calling 858-458-5100 or by emailing the office at

We look forward to seeing you!

8Jun, 2016

Kybella® garners attention

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Kybella® garners attention

In the world of aesthetics, science and technology is becoming more refined. When a new non-operative treatment enters the aesthetic market, it takes notice — and Kybella® is an impressive treatment which has come to the forefront.

The manufacturer of Kybella® is Allergan, home to Botox®, Latisse®, Juvederm® and Voluma®.  Since its launch, which was approved this spring by the FDA, many have praised the product for outstanding results.

Registered aesthetic nurse, Elizabeth Reed, who works for San Diego board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Glynn Bolitho is thrilled that their practice is a trained facility which now offers the new Allergan product.

According to Reed, the product is ideal for the right candidate who wants to decrease submental fullness, otherwise known as a double chin, without surgical intervention. Kybella can address this issue with minimal downtime.

“Kybella is an injectable and I consider it as minimally invasive,” said Reed, noting how she has had patients attend special events that very same evening.

While downtime is minimal following an injection series, Reed does recommend some icing afterward.

“Bruising is patient dependent, but typically, I don’t see a lot of that, and a little bit of swelling for a few days is normal,” she said, adding how topical makeup can help camouflage any residual discoloration. “But really, people resume back to their normal day of business.”

When a patient visits Reed, she maps out the underside of the chin, numbs the area with topical lidocaine and gingerly delivers the injections. Reed shared that Kybella destroys the fat cells in this location.

Generally an optimal treatment may consist of two to four visits and is spaced six weeks apart. The decision on the frequency is dependent on the patient’s aesthetic wishes.

“It definitely varies per person,” Reed said.

Follow-up visits will help navigate the next series of injections. And ultimately, the final visit will dictate that the treatment has reached its completion.

As with all non-operative facial rejuvenation treatments, Reed tailors everything to a patient’s needs and wants. It’s her aesthetic philosophy that she abides by each and every day.

Reed added like some other aesthetic journeys, one that undergoes a Kybella treatment should also have some patience. Because the treatment is individually tailored, it may take a couple or more visits.

Oftentimes, Reed is asked about the age range of patients which can benefit most from Kybella. Candidly, she shared that while this is dependent upon the quality of a patient’s skin, the typical age range is thirties to fifties.

The right candidate is one that doesn’t have redundant skin or heavy wrinkles in the area. For those that do, surgery may be a more optimal choice.

Reed is thrilled that Kybella can offer a solution to an area that many women have had challenges with over the years. Sometimes it’s a genetic challenge while other times it may be after one has reached their weight loss goals. For those who reached this weight loss milestone, Reed recommends that their weight remains stable for six months or more before seeking treatment.

“Kybella provides a nonsurgical answer to submental fullness challenges,” Reed said. “Patients can see real and permanent results and that is a wonderful thing.”