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29Oct, 2015

Study Reveals Plastic Surgery Boost in Self-Esteem with Chinese Women

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Recent research noted in the JAMA Network Journals and then published in Science Daily highlighted a study regarding plastic surgery among younger Chinese women. Cosmetic surgery in China is high in demand. The most common surgeries sought after are rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty.

The study involved 161 plastic surgery patients. Additionally, “355 general population controls” and “268 facial appearance raters” also took part in the study.

The article published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery indicated months following their eyelid and/or nose surgery, the study group indicated feelings of elevated self-esteem and confidence. The study also revealed that these levels of confidence were lower prior to their procedures.

The impetus for this study was assessing the psychological profile of these women due to the fact that plastic surgery in China has proliferated.

Leading the study was Jincai Fan, M.D., of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College in Beijing. He and his coauthors assessed the following:

*Reasons for cosmetic surgery

*Expectations and effectiveness of the procedure

*Postoperative psychological conditions

According to Science Daily, “The authors report self-esteem and self-efficacy scores were lower preoperatively in young women compared with women in the general population who had not visited a plastic surgeon, but those scores increased to nearly normal levels six months after surgery.”

The study was done via a questionnaire both before surgery and then six months following the procedure. Photos of the women were taken for the purpose of the facial appearance raters. Interestingly, the facial appearance raters did not note any distinct differences between those who underwent plastic surgery from those that didn’t who were in the general population segment of the study.

The authors of the study stated, “Self-esteem and self-efficacy mediate the negative effects of self-assessment on the decision of young women to undergo facial cosmetic surgery. The impairment of self-esteem and self-efficacy may indicate the need for preoperative psychological intervention.”

In light of the plastic surgery surge in China, this study was quite interesting.

6Aug, 2015

Cosmetic surgery leads the way for Baby Boomers and Gen X

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Plastic surgery has presented youthful opportunities to numerous generations. Currently, generations which are benefiting from it are the Baby Boomers and those leading the pack for Generation X.

These two groups are looking to board certified plastic surgeons to regain a more youthful appearance. Considering that people are working longer in corporate America, it’s reasonable that they want to look as good as they feel.

Additionally, social media and all its nuances, including online dating, have triggered consultation appointments with plastic surgeons.

A solid source for reliability comes from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, also referred to as ASAPS. Annually, they compile data to glean a better understanding of age groups seeking plastic surgery and correlating that information with types of plastic surgery treatments most chosen.

Here is precisely what ASAPS collected for the Baby Boomer generation for 2014:

  • Ten million patients underwent both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures
  • Those between 51 to 64 years of age were part of this calculation
  • Twenty-four percent had cosmetic surgery
  • Thirty-two percent underwent minimally invasive procedures
  • Those 65 years of age and above accounted for 5 percent of surgical rejuvenation


For those in their 30s to late 40s, Generation X has begun to rely on minimally invasive procedures such as cosmetic injections like Botox and Juvederm for facial rejuvenation; however, one would be remiss if they did not pinpoint the leap in Mommy Makeovers. This is a highly popular procedure that helps mothers restore their post baby figure with a breast lift and/or breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction.

Now, back to the Baby Boomers and what types of procedures they did undergo in 2014:

Patient expectations for these procedures should be natural appearing rejuvenation.

Mature patients in the Baby Boomer generation can be afforded an array of rejuvenation procedures. Operatively, microsurgical skills are unmatched and board certified plastic surgeons are incredibly adept.

And on the anesthesia front, pain management begins in the operating room which ultimately means that patients require less anesthesia during the course of the surgery, awaken less lethargic, and experience lower discomfort levels postoperatively.

While such impressive surgical achievements have been made, a consultation with a board certified surgeon will determine the best procedures for those aesthetic wishes. It’s also important to note that a plastic surgeon will take a comprehensive look at a patient’s medical history.

They will assess any high risk factors such as:

  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Blood thinner medications
  • Heart disease history

If any risk factors are determined, then a plastic surgeon will proceed accordingly.

Consultations are an opportune time to discuss a patient’s aesthetic wishes, learn about the surgery they are interested in, while discovering if they have a genuine rapport with their potential surgeon.

If all goes well during the surgery, the next step in planning the surgery can be done. However, if there is any ambivalence, do take time to think it over and perhaps even meet with the doctor once again. Cosmetic surgery is an important decision, and one should always be mindful during such considerations.

3Mar, 2015

Percentages Increase With Men Seeking Cosmetic Surgery

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Step aside ladies. Cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery isn’t just for women anymore. Men are not only thinking about procedures, but they are scheduling them, too.

Cosmetic surgery is a personal decision, and something that one should be mindful about. It should not be done in haste. The journey should include consultations with various board certified plastic surgeons to ensure that a candidate is aware of the procedure they are interested in along with the recovery timeframe.

Recent numbers from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS) shows that approximately 8 percent of cosmetic procedures were performed on men. While that number may not seem large at first glance, it is when this percentage of male patients has increased over 88 percent in the last 10 to 15 years.

Upon closer inspection, more than 1 million men are taking part in surgical and nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures.

The most popular procedures for men are the following:

*Male breast reduction or liposuction for this area

*Body sculpting the waistline

*Rhinoplasty surgery

*Ear tucking surgery

*Eyelid surgery

Interestingly, when men reached a certain age they opted for one of these procedures mentioned.

Typically, men who were in their forties and fifties sought eyelid surgery to rejuvenate their eye contour area. Plastic surgeons removed excess and fatty tissue on the upper eyelids and reversed any bags underneath the eyes.

And rather than scheduling a consultation for a facelift, a consultation with a board certified surgeon often reveals that a minimally invasive lower facelift can improve the signs of jowls and lift the neck.

A quick procedure with relatively short downtime, this surgery defies age.

Younger men chose the male breast reduction, rhinoplasty, ear tucking and body sculpting procedures. They are realizing that not only women are afforded these aesthetic opportunities to look and feel their best. Features they have wanted to change over the years can now be done.

During a consultation, it’s important to remember that top candidates are the following:

  • Those who live a healthy lifestyle
  • Those who do not smoke
  • Those who have realistic aesthetic expectations and goals

Another area not to be overlooked is how men are also scheduling non-operative facial rejuvenation sessions such as Botox and Juvederm. These quick procedures are lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Men who live healthy lifestyles and remain in great shape want to look as young as they feel, and they have every right to do so.

They also want to look younger in corporate America and make a great first impression in a social environment, such as dating.

On the flipside, some husbands are choosing to have a procedure around the same time as their wives. Others are seeing the rejuvenation improvements after their significant other had a surgery which spurs their interest to learn more.

One thing is for certain, men are not inclined to talk about cosmetic surgery like women do; however, it is becoming a topic which is promoting more dialogue than ever before. It’s just a matter of time before this changes, too.