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21Dec, 2016

Plastic surgeons recommend cessation of e-cigs prior to surgery

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Plastic surgeons recommend cessation of e-cigs prior to surgery

In a recent December publication of United Press International, Health Day News reported how two plastic surgeons stated in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery December issue how stopping the use of e-cigarettes prior to surgery was highly advised. The doctors highlighted in the piece included Dr. Alan Matarasso of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Dr. Peter Taub of Mount Sinai Medical Center.

According to Health Day News, the doctors stated, “Based on our current best knowledge, it seems reasonable to advise plastic surgery candidates to cease e-cigarette use,” they said. The doctors continued, “Refraining from [e-cigarette] use four weeks before surgery is a prudent course of action, despite the fact that it has yet to be determined if the effects are similar to traditional cigarettes.”

While the health impacts of “nicotine vapor” continue to be researched, it appears the reason for this medical recommendation underscores patient care. The doctors referred to a study which revealed how stopping traditional smoking three to four weeks prior to a procedure could significantly decrease the risk of postoperative complications.

Blood flow and blood supply is essential following plastic surgery procedures, such as breast surgeries and abdominoplasties. Tissue healing following surgery requires this blood flow.

Erring on the side of caution, it’s believed that e-cigarette users should follow the same protocol as those who use traditional tobacco products. The reason behind this cautionary advice stems from the fact that the side effect of nicotine is best described as a vasoconstrictor.

According to the American College of Surgeons, traditional cigarette smoking does increase complications both during and following surgery. It’s their estimation that following the “no smoking rule” a few weeks prior and after surgery lessens the risk of wound healing by nearly half.

Many plastic surgeons also encompass the cessation of nicotine patches and gum in this medical protocol.

In addition to nicotine, carbon monoxide is also another concern.

While carbon monoxide withdraws oxygen away from the tissue area, as mentioned earlier, nicotine constricts blood vessels which deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Again, this blood flow is vital to the healing process.

If the percentages in oxygen and nutrients drop during the recovery process, there is a risk factor following surgery in areas such as infection, increased chance of scarring, and additional complications.

While some plastic surgeons follow a smoking cessation of four weeks prior and after surgery, others have a more conservative approach of six weeks. A large gap of time is highly recommended and encouraged.

During a patient’s consultation with their plastic surgeon, it’s imperative to be candid regarding any smoking history. And this includes vaping. A surgeon’s top priority is the care of his/her patients and making certain, as a doctor-patient team moving forward, all can be done for an outstanding surgical outcome.

25Aug, 2016

Choosing the right cosmetic injection

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Choosing the right cosmetic injection

Over the last decade, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures have made their mark in plastic surgery medical practices. Those in their late twenties or branching into their fifties and above have found that cosmetic injections are indeed an excellent tool in their box of anti-aging arsenal. While these cosmetic injections aren’t a substitute for surgical facial rejuvenation, they most definitely have their niche, and consumers are seeking them now more than ever.

With so many nonsurgical treatments on the market, one may need some navigation to be matched with the right facial rejuvenation treatment plan. While many of these treatments can be done in a non-medical setting, professionals agree that for safety and best treatment outcome possible, all cosmetic injections should be performed in a medical atmosphere such as a plastic surgeon’s office.

Cosmetic injections are viewed as a minimally invasive medical procedure.

Depending on the medical practice, a plastic surgeon may perform these cosmetic injections while others have handpicked their own registered aesthetic nurse to deliver them. In either case, the important factor in this is having a medical professional who has extensive education in the facial anatomy to deliver these injections.

Likewise their adeptness and knowledge will help guide patients toward the right cosmetic injection and the appropriate amount. Those working in the plastic surgery arena agree that the best course of treatment is one that produces subtle and natural looking results. The aesthetic mission is to make a patient look renewed.

That’s the ultimate goal in cosmetic injections – a sense of renewal as if one has just returned from a tropical vacation.

While cosmetic injections have been on the market for quite some time, it bears repeating what types of injections are commonly used and their targeted area of application.

Botox continues to be the leading injection chosen and used by both medical professionals and patients. With that said, here are the areas that Botox can enhance a more youthful canvas:

  • Lines along the forehead
  • Glabellar lines
  • Crow’s feet

Botox helps suppress facial movement located on the upper portion of the face which creates these fine lines and wrinkles. When visiting a medical professional for treatment, they will actually ask a patient to contract the muscles around their eyes and forehead so they can map out the proper treatment areas.

As for fillers, such as Juvederm and Voluma, they help add volume to areas where lines and wrinkles appear to the lower and mid-portion of the facial canvas. Its main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, and it’s also utilized as an aesthetic tool to add volume to fat pads.

Areas where fillers are used include:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Oral commissures
  • Chin wrinkles

As mentioned earlier, cheeks can also be enhanced – the product often used for this is Voluma, and it can add youthful volume to this area.

Cosmetic injections have enabled individuals to have their own tailored rejuvenation pathway.

4Feb, 2015

Looking Your Best With Cosmetic Surgery Financing

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Woman Legs Silhouette With Heels Hanging Of Her Hands

Cosmetic surgery techniques have made impressive strides allowing one’s aesthetic wish list to become a reality. For those who thought they would have to delay a procedure due to a lack of available funds, there are a host of affordable options for every patient, and that way is through cosmetic surgery financing.

Karen Martindale, a patient concierge for board certified San Diego plastic surgeon, Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho, explains how there are an array of options. Giving oneself the gift of surgical or nonsurgical rejuvenation is a deserved treat.

“For especially women, we have had our children, stretched out tummies and lost the volume in our breasts. Now, it’s time for you,” Martindale said.

Likewise, both men and women are embracing the advent of state-of-the-art minimally invasive procedures. And for those who think they must save their dollars for cosmetic procedures, things have changed in the world of plastic surgery.

“One of the most reputable lenders is the CareCredit healthcare credit card,” she said, adding how it’s a simple sign-up process either online or by phone. “And they have plans up to $25,000 with 24, 36, 48 or 60 months at 14.9% interest. There’s no penalty for early payment.”

A procedure someone has wanted to have to look their very best is within reach with financing such as this. Over time, a patient can pay what is comfortable in their monthly budget.

According to Martindale, one can get a cosigner who doesn’t even need to live in the same household.

“Once a person is issued with their new credit card information we can move forward with your procedure,” she said.

Another option to enable people to look and feel their best through surgery is with the Point Loma Sharper Image Loan. Like CareCredit, Martindale said, a loan can be issued for up to $25,000. To date, those terms are 60 months for a pay-off and for those who qualify, an 8.49% interest rate.

“You become a member at a local Point Loma, and once that is complete, you have the opportunity of sitting down with someone and explaining your situation,” she said.

While cosmetic surgeries have revolutionized, so have the prospects to receive them through financing. Many can finally have the rejuvenation procedure they have always wanted such as:

And more….

Martindale also wanted to remind everyone that respected surgeons take most major credit cards, too.

“You can also do something that I call, ‘surgery on layaway,’” she said. “How this works is after you come in for a consultation and you receive a quote, after putting down your 10% deposit, you can make monthly payments that we apply to your account. And once it’s paid you can then have your surgery.”

There are many creative ways one can have the cosmetic procedure they truly desire. Cosmetic surgery offices, such as Dr. Bolitho’s, pave different roads for patients.

“We are always flexible with our patients, and we truly wouldn’t have it any other way,” Martindale said.

In many respects, cosmetic surgery is an investment in oneself and that really is the best investment of all.