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5Jan, 2016

Cosmetic surgery and treatments in 2016

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Cosmetic surgery and treatments in 2016
With a new year, many individuals may consider this as an opportunity to improve their aesthetics through diet, exercise and cosmetic procedures. Recently, the New York Daily News covered an industrywide survey from an online website named RealSelf. This website is considered a portal which offers patients the opportunity to learn more about plastic surgery and nonsurgical options. With the assistance of plastic surgeons, potential candidates can have their questions answered as well as those who are patients in the midst of a procedure recovery.

A regarded site, RealSelf generated a survey to those working in the field in hopes it could glean a better understanding on where the plastic surgery trends were directed in 2016. According to the responses, five items stood out among the rest which included the following:

• Buttock augmentation
• Decrease bustline
Lip enhancement
Neck rejuvenation
Chin enhancement

Looking into 2016, these procedures appeared to be paving the way to a new year.

Body Contouring Procedures

When diet and exercise are unable to correct areas of the body where lax skin or stubborn fat deposits remain, many turn to body contouring procedures as an option. There are many procedures which fall into this category which may include the following:

• Breast lift
• Upper arm surgery
• Body lift
• Liposuction
• Tummy tuck
• Buttock augmentation

And more….

Buttock Augmentation

Board certified plastic surgeons are noticing that the desire for a more voluptuous chest size is now being shifted toward buttock augmentation. Implants are utilized for this surgery to enhance the size and curvature of the posterior region. According to the RealSelf survey, women prefer a smaller bustline and want to increase the shapely curves in their hind end.

Lip Augmentation

On the nonsurgical front, lip augmentation with the use of fillers is gaining attention, and according to the survey will attract new patients.

As reported by Jacqueline Cutler of the New York Daily News, “Thirty percent of dermatologists and 43% of plastic surgeons report they received more requests about lips in 2015 than 2014, another trend expected to continue.”

Neck and Chin Surgeries For Selfies

During 2015, there were an array of articles discussing how selfies were indeed an impetus for so many individuals wanting to undergo a facial and neck rejuvenation. Selfies have redefined how people see themselves, and most importantly, how they want to improve themselves.

While some patients may be tolerant with their facial aging for a period of time, the improvements they currently seek are surgically geared toward a more youthful neck and redefinition of the chin.

“And 68% of the doctors say they expect to have patients requesting neck and chin work in 2016,” Cutler wrote.

Plastic Surgery Consultations

While surveys can give insight as to where plastic surgery trends are headed, it’s highly urged and recommended that potential patients have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the procedure(s) they are interested in. While learning more about the procedure, they can understand the recovery process.

Plastic surgery is a personal decision and one that should be made with thoughtful consideration.

24Apr, 2015

Buttock Implantation Surgery Reaches New Highs

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Doctor With Rx Prescription

While breast augmentations continue to be highly sought after, there is another augmentation taking top billing in the media: Gluteal augmentation otherwise commonly known as butt implants.

Here is a glimpse into why there has been a shift.

For starters, Google searches are a clear indication as to what the new trend is in society, including plastic surgery queries. Just last month, the term “butt implants” was typed into a Google search more than 40,000 times. Around last year at this time, that monthly search number was around 27,000.

Just like couture changes with the decades, so does the silhouette and body type. Currently, a more voluminous bottom is ranking higher. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Manaj, and Kim Kardashian are changing physical fashion, not to mention aesthetic requests in a plastic surgeon’s office.

Women who generally seek gluteal implants want to enhance their backside appearance. They are often dissatisfied in how they look in their wardrobe. Their hope is that this type of procedure can transform their body and reveal a shapelier back end.

The implants utilized are oftentimes silicone filled. A skilled plastic surgeon can help add more curvature to the area by specific placement. Just like breast augmentation, the selections of implants truly come in an array of sizes and shapes.

The implant variations are critical so a woman’s body type matches proportionately with the augmentation. Each patient is different and so are their aesthetic goals.

Some women who undergo a buttock augmentation also may combine a lift, if aesthetically needed.

For those who are interested in this type of plastic surgery, it’s important to be thoughtful about pursuing it. One must make certain they want the surgery for all the right reasons, while understanding that plastic surgery is indeed a personal decision.

A potential patient must seek a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in this procedure.

During a consultation, a woman must ask pertinent questions such as how the surgery is performed, double check on the surgeon’s qualifications, and request to see a patient gallery for those who underwent the procedure.

Above all, safety is a primary concern. If the surgery is being performed in a surgical suite, be certain it is accredited by an agency such as the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.

Also during the consultation, be sure to ask about recovery time which may last up to six weeks as well as surgical and health risks.

It’s critical for plastic surgeons to inform their patients about every aspect of a surgical procedure so the patients can make informed decisions.

For those who have done their homework and have chosen the best plastic surgeon, they have been very delighted with their surgical outcome.