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27May, 2015

Plastic Surgery Popularity Worldwide

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women worldwide

Photo Credit: Women’s Health Magazine

While the USA leads in plastic surgery around the globe, when compared to other countries and matched up against their own population numbers, it rates at number four. It’s an interesting twist.

Before sharing who the top five countries are, it’s fascinating to note how plastic surgery is becoming so well accepted in the world. What was once a surgery for only the “rich and famous” has indeed transcended to others not in this category.

People who consider plastic surgery come from all backgrounds. For example, those who are working later in life are considering it so they can look more youthful in the corporate world.

While these top five countries are the most popular in plastic surgery, if one is considering surgery outside of their country, it’s important to do all the necessary research as one would embark on here in the states. Double checking that a surgeon is board certified, qualified, and has hospital privileges truly transcend to other countries.

Some patients are tying in a surgery with a vacation beforehand. However, always remember that safety is a priority and should always trump any other decisions.

Starting from the fifth ranking country and working upward, here are the countries which made the cut:


  1. Colombia

 It’s estimated that more than 90,000 plastic surgery procedures were performed in Colombia. The leading surgery performed is liposuction.


  1. USA

In 2014, the USA performed 10,663,607 cosmetic surgeries. Like Colombia, liposuction was the most popular. Other treatments in the country included nose surgery, eyelid surgery, and the cosmetic injection, Botox. From 2013-2014, it was estimated that Americans spent nearly $12 billion in this area of medicine.


  1. Italy

Botox has been incredibly widespread in Italy for non-operative procedures. For surgical procedures, liposuction once again was the most popular with an estimated 69,000 surgeries performed in 2010.


  1. Greece

For many, learning that Greece is rated second is quite a surprise. The most popular procedure in this country is breast augmentations.


  1. South Korea

Where beauty is held in high regard in South Korea, it’s estimated that 1 out of 5 individuals have undergone cosmetic surgery. While all procedures are in demand, the one that leads the way is upper and lower eyelid surgeries.

So many countries around the world have adopted cosmetic surgery into their culture. The trends have clearly branched from the Western culture into a variety of others. Plastic surgery is no longer the exception but becoming more common in everyday life.

25May, 2015

Tips To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon

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In San Diego County, it’s no surprise how there are an enormous amount of talented board certified plastic surgeons. With such an overwhelming number, how does one go about finding the best plastic surgeon?

The answer is that it truly takes some meticulous research in terms of locating one whose specialty is in the area of person’s surgical aesthetic goals.

A great area for people to begin their search is on regarded sites such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. On this website, researchers can double check that the doctor they are interested in is indeed board certified. They can also learn more about their educational background, their areas of specialty, and be given an opportunity to read any answers a doctor may have provided to people asking questions about an array of plastic surgery questions.

When a doctor is involved in answering a series of online medical questions, it provides potential patients a better perspective on how the doctor interacts with others. And if the doctor has answered questions based on someone’s surgery of interest, this is another great avenue to explore.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also has a review for its board certified plastic surgeons. This is another area worth perusing and learning more about a surgeon of interest and what past patients have said about him or her.

On this site which highlights a particular doctor, there is a direct link back to the board certified plastic surgeon’s personal website.

A doctor’s website is an extension of their office. It affords a person with more knowledge about the procedure, more detailed information about the surgeon, patient testimonials, and more importantly, before and after photo galleries.

These patient photo galleries are incredibly helpful since they offer patients a view of a doctor’s surgical skill and the ability to see if there is a patient’s “before photo” that mirrors their own aesthetic situation.

Pushing on, do visit other doctor referral sites such as Health Grades and other notable ones for more knowledge. Also, referrals from family members, friends and family doctors are other great avenues.

Once a year San Diego Magazine lists Top Doctors in all fields of medicine, including plastic surgery. The list is compiled by votes by a doctor’s peers and conducted by the San Diego County Medical Society.

If locating a doctor with this type of honor is important, then do search this annual special edition online.

Other “Top Doctor” votes outside of San Diego can include the Castle Connolly Top Doctor List.

It is the consultation appointment, however, which really is the time to discover whether or not one is comfortable with the San Diego plastic surgeon. This is a special occasion where one can freely discuss their aesthetic goals and wishes and get to know the surgeon better. This is an opportunity to truly “interview” the surgeon and to make certain all questions are answered.

Plastic surgery should never be done in haste. After a consultation, there’s no need to book a surgery appointment. Take the time needed for thoughtful consideration.

18May, 2015

May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

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sunscreen 1

As we head into summer, May marks Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. Skin cancer is considered the most common forms of cancer in our nation. The ultraviolet rays from the sun are the main cause. Healthcare professionals say that ultraviolet rays can also be found in tanning booths and sunlamps.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancer. UV radiation can also come from tanning booths or sunlamps.

The most serious form is called melanoma. But when detected and treated early, the outcome can be promising for patients.

The number of skin cancer cases is climbing each year. So, it’s extremely important to regularly check our skin from “head to toe.” By doing so, if any skin areas change, we’ll be alerted to get it checked with a healthcare provider.

Many people often wonder what malignant melanoma looks like.

Generally, it’s when an existing mole or new growth on your skin changes in size, color or even shape.

One of the best guidelines is following the “ABCD” skin cancer warning signs.

These easy-to-follow rules include:

A = Asymmetry: when the growth on the skin has unmatched halves

B= Border: blurred and not clearly defined edges

C= Color: a blotchy appearance with colors ranging from brown, black, tan, red, white or even blue

D= Diameter: a skin growth larger than 6 millimeters or concerning size increase

If any of the above rules are present, seeking the advice of a healthcare professional is highly advised. And remember, a regular self-skin check is never a substitute for it being done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Let’s raise awareness this month and keep one step ahead in our skin care health.


16May, 2015

Study Reveals Safest Procedures In Non-Operative Cosmetic Procedures

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woman-in-hat-300x191Not long ago, Northwestern University published their national study on what they discovered to be the safest cosmetic procedures. Based on over 20,000 procedures and treatments in the nation, researchers found that minimally invasive procedures were deemed the safest.

Doctors who participated in the study were all dermatologists, so it’s important to point out that this study did not involve operative procedures performed by board certified plastic surgeons. The research conducted was only regarding non-operative treatments.

Nonetheless, as with any study, it offered information and statistics.

The study was championed by Murad Alam, M.D., who practices medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and is a professor of dermatology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. The complete study was also published in JAMA Dermatology.

Science Daily was one of the first media outlets to report the news.

Its reporter, Marla Paul of Science Daily wrote, “Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including fillers, neurotoxins and laser and energy device procedures are exceedingly safe and have essentially no risk of serious adverse events….” She continued, “This is believed to be the first large, multi-center study that prospectively analyzed the rate of adverse events among tens of thousands of cosmetic procedures done at many centers around the United States by experienced dermatologists. These procedures are used to decrease the visible facial signs of aging.”

In the world of plastic surgery, a sample of this roster includes a neurotoxin such as Botox and fillers like Juvederm. Botox reduces the appearance of wrinkles by temporarily disengaging muscle contractions whereas Juvederm adds volume to plump up wrinkles and fine lines. Generally neurotoxins are used for the upper portion of the face where fillers are used on the lower portion.

The study did concur that a few patients, below one percent, experienced minimal bruising, swelling or reddening of the site treated.

Paul went on to report, “For many years, there was a perception that minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are safer than larger, more invasive cosmetic procedures. However, there was little evidence to back up this belief.”

In the study, Alam indicated, “The message for patients is that if you are thinking of getting one of these procedures, you are not indulging in something drastic or high risk.”

During a timeframe of 9 months, a total of 23 board certified dermatologists took part in the study with research data that included a total of 20,399 procedures. To keep track of treatments, the doctors were required to enter their patient data every single day.

The data included the following:

  • Type of treatment
  • Treatments performed per day
  • Indicating side-effects or complications
  • Describing the side-effects, if any

Following this, the data was collected by researchers by tallying the above information for calculations.

Paul reported, “While all the adverse rates were low, the rates for fillers at .52 percent were slightly higher than those for energy devices and neurotoxins. However, this is to be expected, the authors said because in the world of non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures, fillers are slightly more invasive than lasers and neurotoxins.”

During an era where individuals seek non-invasive treatments such as Botox and Juvederm, this study gave many patients, future patients, and healthcare professionals interesting insight.

Cosmetic injections, also referred to as a liquid facelift, remain a vital part to board certified plastic surgeons and their patients.

8May, 2015

Breast Reduction Goes Beyond Cosmetics

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woman by adamr

When a woman lives a life in daily discomfort because the size of her natural breasts is too large, a breast reduction surgery is incredibly transformative. There are many ladies who endure pain and inconvenience because of their bust size.

The size of large breasts can take its toll. Yes, even with the best bras on the market, the neck and back are indeed stressed from the extra weight. Additionally, towards the end of the day, bra straps leave painful, red indentations upon each shoulder. Aside from placing extra material underneath the straps, not much else can be done.

And on hot days, skin irritation can occur.

While pain generally is the superseding reason why women undergo this procedure, another reason for consideration is how downright uncomfortable and cumbersome it can be to have large breasts.

Others may feel that a woman having natural large breasts is “fortunate,” but for a group of these ladies what they do feel is unfortunate.

For example, regular exercise may not be a regular routine. The idea of jogging, hiking, and weight training can be both painful and unbearable. And while swimming can be highly beneficial, those with very large breasts may be hard pressed to find a swimsuit which fits properly and may shy away from the sport if they must go to a public pool.

And the key to healthy living is the ability to exercise.

On a daily basis, finding the right clothing to wear is very challenging and options are limited. Some women find themselves wearing baggy tops in an effort to conceal their size.

While pain and discomfort are at the forefront, a lack of self-confidence may also loom.

For those ladies with large, natural breasts who have children, they may realize after their childbearing years that their size has increased substantially. There are instances where a leap in one or more bra cup sizes has occurred. In addition to heavier breasts, they may also have experienced a more extensive drop and loss in volume.

A breast reduction is a procedure which many women consider when they have a difficult time on a daily basis with aches and discomfort. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is the first step in determining whether or not a patient is the right candidate.

During the consultation, a potential patient can ask a variety of important questions such as details about the surgery, scarring, recovery, risks, and side-effects. It’s also advisable to request to see before-and-after photos of patients who underwent the same surgical procedure.

Find a doctor in where there is a comfortable and professional rapport. This is important because plastic surgery is considered a journey, and because of this, having a good relationship with a surgeon is vital.

There are many patients who undergo this surgery and are thrilled with the results and their new outlook on life.

Still, a breast reduction surgery is a personal decision and should be made thoughtfully and pragmatically.

Once the choice is made on having a breast reduction, the next step is finding the right surgeon through meticulous research, patient reviews, and referrals.

2May, 2015


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Mothers Day 3


In celebration of Mother’s Day, Dr. Bolitho is offering a wonderful opportunity for the whole month of May.

Our practice is dedicated in making you look your very best with one or more of the following treatments:    

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We invite you to enjoy a month of indulgence.

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“Mothers hold their child’s hand for a short while and their heart for a lifetime.” -Anonymous   

24Apr, 2015

Buttock Implantation Surgery Reaches New Highs

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While breast augmentations continue to be highly sought after, there is another augmentation taking top billing in the media: Gluteal augmentation otherwise commonly known as butt implants.

Here is a glimpse into why there has been a shift.

For starters, Google searches are a clear indication as to what the new trend is in society, including plastic surgery queries. Just last month, the term “butt implants” was typed into a Google search more than 40,000 times. Around last year at this time, that monthly search number was around 27,000.

Just like couture changes with the decades, so does the silhouette and body type. Currently, a more voluminous bottom is ranking higher. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Manaj, and Kim Kardashian are changing physical fashion, not to mention aesthetic requests in a plastic surgeon’s office.

Women who generally seek gluteal implants want to enhance their backside appearance. They are often dissatisfied in how they look in their wardrobe. Their hope is that this type of procedure can transform their body and reveal a shapelier back end.

The implants utilized are oftentimes silicone filled. A skilled plastic surgeon can help add more curvature to the area by specific placement. Just like breast augmentation, the selections of implants truly come in an array of sizes and shapes.

The implant variations are critical so a woman’s body type matches proportionately with the augmentation. Each patient is different and so are their aesthetic goals.

Some women who undergo a buttock augmentation also may combine a lift, if aesthetically needed.

For those who are interested in this type of plastic surgery, it’s important to be thoughtful about pursuing it. One must make certain they want the surgery for all the right reasons, while understanding that plastic surgery is indeed a personal decision.

A potential patient must seek a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in this procedure.

During a consultation, a woman must ask pertinent questions such as how the surgery is performed, double check on the surgeon’s qualifications, and request to see a patient gallery for those who underwent the procedure.

Above all, safety is a primary concern. If the surgery is being performed in a surgical suite, be certain it is accredited by an agency such as the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.

Also during the consultation, be sure to ask about recovery time which may last up to six weeks as well as surgical and health risks.

It’s critical for plastic surgeons to inform their patients about every aspect of a surgical procedure so the patients can make informed decisions.

For those who have done their homework and have chosen the best plastic surgeon, they have been very delighted with their surgical outcome.

18Apr, 2015

A Quick Guide Into Breast Implants

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woman nose

While breast augmentation surgeries continue to be a sought after procedure for women of varying ages, it is important to glean a better understanding regarding breast implants. The size of the implants will invariably influence how a woman appears as well as what their daily lifestyle is, including sports and activities.

First and foremost, it is highly important that a woman does her due diligence in terms of researching the right plastic surgeon. They must be board certified in plastic surgery and specialize in surgeries of the breast.

As mentioned earlier, women seek this surgery at different ages and timeframes of their lives. For example, a woman in her twenties may want to increase the volume in her breasts, while others who have had children and breastfed, decide to have a breast lift and augmentation with implants.

It’s important to note here that a breast lift may not always need an implant. This decision is made between the doctor and their patient.

Despite the original aesthetic goals, this surgery will increase breast volume and projection. The goal for a plastic surgeon is to make certain that the augmentation improves a woman’s silhouette; in other words, balance her proportionately.

Breast implants are measured by cubic centimeters. The larger the implants, the greater the cubic centimeter numbers. Implants are filled with either silicone or saline, and its shell is almost always made of silicone.

So how many cubic centimeters does it take to go up a bra size? This popular question is answered with 150 to 200 cubic centimeters. When looking at breast implants, it’s difficult for a patient to determine by mere sight alone what size would be best. However, when she explains during a consultation she would like to increase her cup size by one or two, this can help a surgeon hone in on her aesthetic wishes.

Nevertheless, before deciding on what cubic centimeters is best, a doctor and patient must be mindful of the following:

  • The implants match breast width
  • Implant size matches a woman’s lifestyle in terms of exercising and sports
  • The implants are proportionate with a woman’s frame and do not make her heavier in size

For some women, their reaction into getting an augmentation is to have larger, fuller breasts. But the best plastic surgeon will explain any risks which may be involved in going “too large.” A handful of these risks may include:

  • Atrophy caused by the weight of the implants
  • Muscles and tissues start to thin out
  • Stretch marks caused by the implant weight
  • Large implants may cause rippling appearance
  • Bottoming out from the implant weight

And more…

There are instances where a woman decided to undergo a drastic augmentation with very large implants, and within a year, decided to replace them with a lower cubic centimeter number. If a patient waits too long to replace them and the skin is stretched, a breast lift may need to be implemented with the new augmentation procedure.

Plastic surgery is a personal decision, especially that of a breast augmentation. Much thought and consideration needs to be made and working with a skilled plastic surgeon is essential during the process.


11Apr, 2015

Plastic Surgery Study Emerges With Interesting Data

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In the 21st century, the advent of skilled microsurgical techniques has afforded many with the option of undergoing operative facial rejuvenation. Known to many as a facelift, surgical advances have enabled patients to reap great rewards, not only with a full facelift, but also procedures which are less comprehensive such as a limited lower facelift or a simplicity neck lift.

While many are celebrating this new fountain of youth via plastic surgery, a recent study emerged and was reported by Medical News Today. The study claims that plastic surgery is not defined solely by youth.

There’s more to it.

The research study was recently published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. The premise of the study was using before-and-after pictures of ladies who had undergone a particular type or types of facial rejuvenation surgery. A handful of these procedures included:

Part of the study was analyzing these photos and determining in a control study group whether or not any specific personality traits were present for the viewer. These personality traits consisted of the following:

  • Likeability
  • Aggressiveness
  • Extroversion
  • Trustworthiness
  • Social Skills
  • Risk Seeking

These supposed “traits” were all based on the perception of others for an individual before and after their facial procedure.

Reporter, Markus MacGill of Medical News Today wrote that the aim of the study was to, “introduce the concept of facial profiling to the surgical literature and to evaluate and quantify the changes in personality perception that occur with facial rejuvenation surgery.” He continued, “The relationship between facial features and personality traits has been explored ‘by social scientists for many years’ but so far left out of the journals read by surgeons.”

The goal of the study was to branch out further than looking more youthful. That was only one element. They delved into the different degrees of features following surgery and discovered if they were impacted in any way.

The study included 30 women who underwent a type of facial rejuvenation surgery which were subject to evaluation. These ladies had undergone surgery between the years of 2009 – 2013.

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Reilly of Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC, championed the study along with other coauthors. Unveiled was a “significant improvement” in the traits of likeability and social skills.

On the flipside, however, there was a moderate to slight improvement for the traits of extroversion, aggressiveness, risk-seeking and trustworthiness.

MacGill extracted from the study that, “The comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the patient who undergoes facial rejuvenation requires a broader understanding of the many changes in perception that are likely to occur with surgical intervention. The face is not defined by youth alone.”

This study affords the best plastic surgeons pathways for their patients not only to look more youthful but to also rein in other personality traits which may impact other facial features following surgery. The goal of plastic surgery is to achieve aesthetic harmony on many levels.

4Apr, 2015

A Different View On Tummy Tucks

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couple 1

Body contouring procedures can redefine an individual’s silhouette in a variety of ways. From liposuction, thigh lifts to arm lifts, people are looking at these procedures with a newfound interest and above all, hope.

Over the years, tummy tucks have garnered a great deal of attention for women undergoing a procedure called, “mommy makeover.” But there is another group who are looking into tummy tucks, also medically known as an abdominoplasty.

Those who have undergone a dramatic weight loss have sought out more information on tummy tucks. With the advent of weight loss surgeries and operative treatments, there has been a demand for after weight loss body contouring surgery.

And here’s why this is the case for both men and women.

When an individual gains a significant amount of weight, their skin stretches to accommodate it. However, when weight loss occurs in the numbers of 50 to 100 pounds, the skin is unable to recede to a person’s new shape.

When people reach their goal weight, excess skin cannot be eliminated with exercise. It will continue to sag. Instead, it must be excised in areas of the arms, thighs, and abdomen.

Tummy tucks can address redundant skin issues while removing any fat deposits. It’s advised, however, to undergo such a surgery after someone has maintained their weight anywhere from six months to a year. This way, one can be certain they are at the ideal manageable weight.

For many patients, the after weight loss body contouring surgery is the final step in their weight loss journey. It’s a time for celebration following so much commitment, diligence, and willpower.

Another point worth mentioning are the health benefits coupled with this cosmetic surgery.

Researchers have discovered that patients who undergo this body contouring surgery are more successful in maintaining their weight. Those who had the surgery were able to stay quite close to their goal whereas those who didn’t were more likely to gain weight.

While different studies have been executed around the globe, the median pounds gained per year for patients who had the surgery was one pound per year versus four pounds per year for those who elected not to have the procedure.

Seemingly, the surgery served as another level of motivation to eat well, exercise, and maintain a stable weight. And invariably this led to leading a healthier lifestyle which benefited the patients.

It’s vital to note that plastic surgery is a personal decision. It requires consideration and research.

With that said, majority of the patients who opted for this procedure did their homework and due diligence. In the same breath, it’s important for candidates to choose the right medical doctor who is board certified in plastic surgery and has expertise in after weight loss body contouring surgery.

Visiting a doctor’s patient online gallery, having a consultation, and researching patient reviews are part of the protocol.

Plastic surgery requires patience. This is why it’s important to team up with a surgeon where there is an excellent rapport. This procedure is the last step in the weight loss journey so it’s critical to have the best plastic surgeon.