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3Feb, 2016

A Beauty Soiree Invitation

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Elizabeth Reed and Nicole Dowler are considered top-tier talent for cosmetic injections.

Elizabeth Reed and Nicole Dowler are considered top-tier talent for cosmetic injections.

Your pathway to beauty awaits you on February 16 during our “Beauty Soiree.” Our newest team members, Elizabeth Reed and Nicole Dowler, are both highly talented registered nurses whose delivery in cosmetic injections is considered exceptional.

Please join Dr. Bolitho’s team members for a memorable day filled with special prices, opportunity drawings, and light refreshments at our new consulting suite.

Space is limited with Elizabeth and Nicole so be sure to reserve your spot today by calling 858-458-5100 or emailing us at


Friendship Bonus!

Bring a friend and both of you will receive an additional 10% off all services performed by Nicole and Elizabeth during the Beauty Soiree!


Special Services With Elizabeth and Nicole

BOTOX: On this special day Botox is priced at $12 per unit (regularly priced at $14 per unit). Our first 25 patients will receive an additional $50 instant rebate!

VOLUMA AND JUVEDERM ULTRA: Our guests will receive $100 off the regular price.


A Skincare Special 

Receive 10% off skincare products and complimentary computer skin imaging analysis and evaluation.


Special Beauty Bonus

Spend $500 or more and receive a SkinMedica gift product.


27Jan, 2016

Comparing U.S. Cosmetic Surgery to Great Britain

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Comparing U.S. Cosmetic Surgery to Great Britain

It’s always incredibly interesting to see how cosmetic surgery trends in the United States compare to other parts of the world. Recently, the Telegraph in the United Kingdom wrote an intriguing article about cosmetic enhancements.

And quite frankly, the title of the article says it all: “Why are the over 55s turning to cosmetic surgery?”

Reporter, Saffron Alexander, begins the article by reviewing data from The Independent Pensions Advisory Service in Britain, otherwise known as TPAS. According to statistics, residents are enjoying their fifty-something years with purchases such as musical instruments, RVs, and telescopes to view the constellations.

However, another interesting find was cosmetic surgery spending.

Alexander turned to the United States, citing numbers from the American Society for Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). In 2014, the data collected revealed that Americans 55+ accounted for 24 percent of cosmetic procedures while those between the ages of 40 to 54 accounted for 34 percent.

Comparing the above information to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) was informative. It appeared that plastic surgery percentages since 2013 have dropped 9 percent. The new mantra is “tweaked not tucked.”

In the article, the following BAAPS statement was included: “The demand for subtle, understated anti-aging procedures such as eyelid surgery, facelifts, and fat transfer remain largely unchanged, while more ‘conspicuous’ treatments such as tummy tucks and nose jobs are dropping dramatically.”

Alexander interviewed plastic surgeon and member of BAAPS, Naveen Cavale, who shared that this trend is more obvious for those over the age of 55.

“There has been a slight rise in the number of people aged 55 or older who are opting for cosmetic surgery. This could partly be because of the new financial freedoms they’re enjoying, but also the fact cosmetic surgery is no longer a taboo in society,” she said. Cavale continued, “It’s also much more affordable and accessible for the average person. The procedures we’re seeing most among the over 55s are things that contribute to facial rejuvenation. We’re seeing them opt for non-surgical procedures like fillers or Botox and other procedures such as facelifts or eyelid correction.”

Here in the United States, facial rejuvenation by way of lower limited facelifts, temporal brow lifts, eyelid surgery and cosmetic injections such as Juvederm and Botox are in the lead.

Most plastic surgeons will agree with Cavale that those who choose facial rejuvenation procedures are in a different demographic as compared to patients in their twenties and thirties.

The most telling information in this published article is that those over 55 who seek a cosmetic surgery procedure do so not to alter their facial features to turn back the clock decades, but rather the yearning to look “less tired” and refreshed is key.

While Cavale succinctly conveyed that patients want to “look better, not younger,” many would agree with this while also adding that any facial rejuvenation being performed affords natural looking results for the most optimal patient satisfaction.


21Jan, 2016

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Possibilities

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Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Possibilities

In the world of cosmetic surgery, there are so many options for rejuvenation even on the nonsurgical roster. A large group of people fit into this niche. In other words, they yearn to undergo facial renewal but are not quite ready to commit to surgery.

For those in their forties and early fifties, they may begin to notice facial lines along their forehead, in between the brows, around the eyes, and even marionette lines otherwise known as parenthesis around the mouth. These facial changes are a common occurrence among people in this age range and are quite natural.

While they are natural, for many, they are not a welcome and want them to vanish.

Another change people may notice is the loss of fullness in the cheek area. With age, this youthful volume begins to disappear.

As one begins to analyze their reflection in the mirror, they may also detect a change in their skin such as:


*Age spots

*Intermittent facial lines

And more….

There is wonderful news for patients who want facial rejuvenation but don’t want surgery. Well, at least not yet. Non-operative cosmetic treatments to help reverse fine lines, volume, and skin texture are abundant for patients.

In some respects, these minimally invasive procedures could be viewed as cosmetic improvement stepping stones. They are indeed nonsurgical procedures which can improve a person’s appearance. That said, these enhancements are subtle and depending on the procedure, can last a few months and up to a year or more.

There is an array of avenues to achieve youthful results such as:


*Fillers like Juvederm

*Chemical Peels

While these above treatments may not provide surgical results, they do provide some level of rejuvenation that many patients are thrilled about. Even though these procedures are not surgical they are still deemed medical procedures and should be performed preferably in a plastic surgeon’s office or medical setting. The benefits of a plastic surgeon’s office is that the certified nurse injector or the plastic surgeon themselves are educated in regards to the anatomy of the face as well as the muscular structure.

While thought and due diligence goes into researching a plastic surgeon for a surgery, the same should hold true even for a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Having a medically-skilled individual performing the delivery of Botox or Juvederm is highly advisable. Going to professionals of this caliber will help ensure that a patient receives the most optimal results.

Injectables can successfully reverse the following:

  • Decrease wrinkles
  • Lift the brow
  • Lessen the appearance of smile lines
  • Address facial depressions and furrows

Botox is exceptional for the upper portion of the face in smoothing out lines, whereas Juvederm does a splendid job in adding volume to fine lines around the mouth. Voluma, by Juvederm, is a true standout for adding lost volume in the cheek area which can also help in decreasing the appearance of marionette lines.

A series of chemical peels can transform and rejuvenate a person’s skin texture.

And of course, the 2016 trend of fuller lips can be achieved with fillers.

The attraction to these procedures ranges from minimal to no downtime at all. And any bruising can easily be concealed with makeup. The era of non-invasive cosmetic procedures is producing beautiful results.

19Jan, 2016

Beauty Soiree On Feb. 16

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Open House Beauty Soiree On Feb. 16

Join us for a day of beauty.

We hope you will join us on February 16, 2016 for our “Beauty Soiree.” Our newest team members, Elizabeth Reed, Nicole Dowler and Carole Bernstein, are exceptional registered nurses.

Elizabeth and Nicole have been highly trained to  deliver superior cosmetic injections and are looking forward to meeting everyone on this special day.

While celebrating the arrival of these wonderful nurses, guests will also have the opportunity to take a peek at Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho’s new consulting suite in La Jolla. In addition to visiting with Elizabeth, Nicole and Carole, Dr. Bolitho’s other team members will ensure a plentiful day with beautiful possibilities.

The pathway to beauty will begin with meeting savvy skin care professionals who will answer all your questions, taking part in rejuvenating cosmetic injections with Elizabeth and Nicole at special prices, abundant opportunity drawings, savory treats and drinks, and so much more.

Expect a follow-up announcement in the days ahead for this exciting event!    


15Jan, 2016

New Year, New Aesthetic Possibilities

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New Year, New Aesthetic Possibilities

Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho

Ringing in the New Year, many individuals look forward to a renewed sense of invigoration which may also include rejuvenation by way of aesthetic procedures. An array of surgical and nonsurgical procedures invariably affords patients with youthful possibilities.

Also in the New Year, world renowned board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. D. Glynn Bolitho, is delighted to announce the expansion of his practice to include both a consulting suite and surgical suite. Both are located at the Scripps Memorial Hospital campus in La Jolla and have effectively redefined the art of patient care.

This exciting development adds another dimension to Dr. Bolitho’s medical practice.

Former patients will discover that Dr. Bolitho’s original office has been transformed into the official operating suite. And only steps away, individuals will enter an attractive consulting suite designed for an exceptional patient experience.

Upon arrival, patients are greeted with a warm welcome which many have found comforting and something they look forward to throughout the years. Overall, patients will discover the consulting suite to offer a relaxing ambience punctuated by professionalism and compassion.

Regarded for blending both science and art, Dr. Bolitho’s patients have the opportunity to discuss their aesthetic wish list while learning how he adeptly intertwines advanced surgical techniques with patient care. For Dr. Bolitho, this additional suite is yet another avenue for assurance that his patients are receiving tailored care and undivided attention by him and his entire excellent medical team.

Dr. Bolitho’s patients deserve this exclusivity.

Also ringing in the New Year, Dr. Bolitho has brought onboard two exceptional registered nurses by the names of Elizabeth Reed and Nicole Dowler to his established practice. While attending to patients in the clinic, their adeptness in delivering cosmetic injections such as Botox and fillers remains exceptional. Their qualifications will surely enhance the patient satisfaction experience.

The art of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery remains an unwavering passion that stems from Dr. Bolitho’s ongoing surgical expertise and dedication.

To learn more about Dr. Bolitho and the location of his new consulting suite, please visit or call (858) 458-5100.

5Jan, 2016

Cosmetic surgery and treatments in 2016

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Cosmetic surgery and treatments in 2016
With a new year, many individuals may consider this as an opportunity to improve their aesthetics through diet, exercise and cosmetic procedures. Recently, the New York Daily News covered an industrywide survey from an online website named RealSelf. This website is considered a portal which offers patients the opportunity to learn more about plastic surgery and nonsurgical options. With the assistance of plastic surgeons, potential candidates can have their questions answered as well as those who are patients in the midst of a procedure recovery.

A regarded site, RealSelf generated a survey to those working in the field in hopes it could glean a better understanding on where the plastic surgery trends were directed in 2016. According to the responses, five items stood out among the rest which included the following:

• Buttock augmentation
• Decrease bustline
Lip enhancement
Neck rejuvenation
Chin enhancement

Looking into 2016, these procedures appeared to be paving the way to a new year.

Body Contouring Procedures

When diet and exercise are unable to correct areas of the body where lax skin or stubborn fat deposits remain, many turn to body contouring procedures as an option. There are many procedures which fall into this category which may include the following:

• Breast lift
• Upper arm surgery
• Body lift
• Liposuction
• Tummy tuck
• Buttock augmentation

And more….

Buttock Augmentation

Board certified plastic surgeons are noticing that the desire for a more voluptuous chest size is now being shifted toward buttock augmentation. Implants are utilized for this surgery to enhance the size and curvature of the posterior region. According to the RealSelf survey, women prefer a smaller bustline and want to increase the shapely curves in their hind end.

Lip Augmentation

On the nonsurgical front, lip augmentation with the use of fillers is gaining attention, and according to the survey will attract new patients.

As reported by Jacqueline Cutler of the New York Daily News, “Thirty percent of dermatologists and 43% of plastic surgeons report they received more requests about lips in 2015 than 2014, another trend expected to continue.”

Neck and Chin Surgeries For Selfies

During 2015, there were an array of articles discussing how selfies were indeed an impetus for so many individuals wanting to undergo a facial and neck rejuvenation. Selfies have redefined how people see themselves, and most importantly, how they want to improve themselves.

While some patients may be tolerant with their facial aging for a period of time, the improvements they currently seek are surgically geared toward a more youthful neck and redefinition of the chin.

“And 68% of the doctors say they expect to have patients requesting neck and chin work in 2016,” Cutler wrote.

Plastic Surgery Consultations

While surveys can give insight as to where plastic surgery trends are headed, it’s highly urged and recommended that potential patients have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the procedure(s) they are interested in. While learning more about the procedure, they can understand the recovery process.

Plastic surgery is a personal decision and one that should be made with thoughtful consideration.

23Dec, 2015

Holidays: Cosmetic Procedure Time

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Holidays: Cosmetic Procedure Time
When one thinks of the holiday season, they often conjure up images in their mind of shopping, decorating their home, office parties, and family gatherings. The holidays are a precursor to celebrating the New Year.

While these festivities move full steam ahead, a recent press release floating around cyberspace indicated that the month of December is also one where there is a marked increase in plastic surgery procedures.

Reporter, Rachel Gross from Slate, indicated to her readers that when she first saw the press release, she thought it was gag of some sort. But as she read on, she realized it was anything but a joke.

She wrote, “People really do get more plastic surgeries in December. Surgeons consistently report a surge in people coming to them for procedures at this time of year, with treatments and surgeries often increasing by 20 to 30 percent.”

So why is this so?

According to the research consensus on this subject, December affords so many people long stretches of vacation time, particularly toward the end of the month. For an operative facial procedure such as a lower limited facelift, temporal lobe lift, eyelid surgery, or neck lift surgery, there is some bruising and swelling which can last up to two weeks. Following this downtime, people can return to work with limited swelling and any residual bruising can easily be camouflaged with a touch of makeup.

And operative facial rejuvenation procedures are actually the most sought after during the month of December. During the holidays, avoiding co-workers and others during the recovery stretch can be done far easier than the rest of the year.

And for those interested in body contouring procedures such as a breast augmentation, a patient can be back to the workplace or even be part of the holiday festivities a week or so after her procedure.

And speaking of the holidays, gift buyers such as significant others are purchasing a “treatment gift certificate” for whatever procedure their recipient wants.

While operative procedures were mentioned in the research and media, it’s also important to point out the large role cosmetic injections have made in the world of plastic surgery. Many have opted to have either fillers or Botox done in the early part of the month to have them looking their best during the holidays.

Cosmetic injections require no downtime. Minimal redness and bruising may be apparent for some a couple days following the procedure. A skilled hand such as a board certified plastic surgeon or one of their highly skilled injectable nurses adeptly deliver fillers and Botox for optimal results and minimal side-effects such as bruising.

While one group has benefited from these liquid facelifts, others have chosen a series of chemical peels before the holidays so their facial canvas is smooth and luminous. Generally, it’s recommended to have a chemical peel about two weeks before an event.

The holidays are a time for celebration, but it also seems it is the time for someone to celebrate themselves through their own gift of aesthetics.

18Dec, 2015

Rejuvenation: A Temporal Brow Lift

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 Rejuvenation: A Temporal Brow Lift

A forehead lift is a common operative facial rejuvenation procedure, but another surgery which is doing an excellent job in providing a youthful appearance above and around the eyes is a temporal brow lift. This procedure, growing more in demand, helps restore a well-rested appearance which affords patients with a more renewed and younger look.

With the hand of an experienced board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in facial surgery, redundant skin is removed and muscles which are repositioned does smooth out and redefine facial contours along the upper portion of the face.

It’s also common for one undergoing a temporal brow lift to also have an upper eyelid surgery since they do complement each other. However, each patient has their own unique aesthetic needs, and this may not hold true for everyone. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help determine this.

Different from a forehead lift, the temporal brow lift only addresses the outer portion of the brows. Majority of brow lifts, also referred to as forehead lifts, elevate this area completely. However, a temporal lift does not. Instead, it only elevates about half of the lateral portion.

The surgical incision on each side, which is up to one inch in length, is discretely placed behind the hairline so scars are camouflaged. And as the name of the surgery suggests, the incision location is directly above the temple.

The goal of this cosmetic surgery is to provide patients with a more natural and open appearance of their eyes. Many describe the surgical outcome as a more relaxed and refreshed presence.

A consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon will help determine if a temporal brow lift versus a complete brow lift is the right procedure. During this time, the surgeon will assess the natural position of a patient’s brows by their height in comparison to one’s shape and orbital rim.

The plastic surgeon will gently perform this manually and may also take measurements.

Additionally, the surgeon will determine if the central brows are not in need of any operative elevation. If the central portion is in a good position but the lateral portion reveals a descent, then a temporal brow lift will be suggested to reshape the eyebrows and eye contours.

Many patients who decide to have this surgery often express concern at their consultation appointment about how their facial expressions appear to others. This may include the following:

·       Worried
·       Tired
·       Upset

The above characteristics are not what people want to portray to the workplace, family, friends, and new people they meet. Even more so, when they are well-rested, they are often asked if they are tired because they appear that way. Of course, these surgical candidates prefer a more positive looking appearance.

While patients are thrilled with their surgical outcome, they are also delighted with the fact that the surgery is considered less invasive which also affords them with less risks and complications. Again, in order to assess whether a person is the right candidate for this surgery, please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon that has extensive experience in operative facial rejuvenation.

13Dec, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery Preoperative Appointment

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Cosmetic Surgery Preoperative Appointment

As the exciting day of cosmetic surgery nears, there is a list of items which need to be fulfilled during this time. And this generally begins with a preoperative appointment before surgery which can range anywhere from a week to a couple of weeks.


Overview: Preoperative Appointment

At this time, a patient will be greeted by the surgeon’s nurse who may perform a number of duties included but not limited to the following:

  • Taking photos at different angles of the aesthetic areas receiving enhancement or reconstruction
  • Perform an EKG
  • Reviewing preoperative guidelines
  • Reviewing prescriptions for pain relief and antibiotics
  • Reviewing postoperative guidelines

And more….

Once the patient reviews this information with their nurse, they will be provided with a packet of these instructions to review. These prepared instructions can be quite helpful to help refresh one’s memory at any given time.


Meeting With The Plastic Surgeon

When the nurse completes her portion of responsibilities of ensuring that the patient has all that he or she needs, the plastic surgeon then visits with their patient. This portion of the appointment is highly important because it gives the individual an opportunity to discuss items which the nurse pointed out earlier and review different details of the procedure.

One question the surgeon may ask once again is why a patient truly wants to have a given procedure done. This gives an individual the time they need to completely express their true desires to their plastic surgeon and solidifies the reasoning behind their aesthetic goals.

During a preoperative appointment, it is vital that the patient spends time with their plastic surgeon.


Plastic Surgery: Planning Ahead

At the preoperative appointment, a patient will receive a number of guidelines which will help them plan ahead not only before their surgery but steps they need to take following their procedure. For example, there will be a reminder for those who do smoke to stop smoking for a period of time. And this also includes following surgery, as well. Smoking can impede healing so it’s essential that this is followed.

While prescriptions are given and/or called into a patient’s pharmacy, some plastic surgeons also give their patient holistic medications such as Arnica Montana and Bromelain. Arnica Montana assists with minimizing bruising and swelling while Bromelain works as an anti-inflammatory.

This timeframe is also important to find a family member or friend to be the driver the day of surgery and the following day for the first postoperative appointment. If one is having a procedure which may impact their driving for a small stretch of time, do plan ahead for this.

A patient may also prefer to have a nurse with them. This is an excellent choice particularly because a patient must not be left alone 24 hours after surgery.

Other points on the pre-surgical checklist are the following:

  • Discontinue aspirin, NSAIDs, Ibuprofen, and other medications when instructed to do so.
  • Stop all herbal medications including fish oil capsules.
  • Remove nail polish, acrylics, or gels on nails prior to surgery.

And more….

Before leaving the preoperative appointment, the patient concierge will make sure follow-up appointments are made for postoperative visits. These appointments are important and cannot be missed because the plastic surgeon needs to check on the patient’s progress and healing rate to ensure seamless aesthetic goals.

7Dec, 2015

Deciding on cosmetic fillers

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Deciding on cosmetic fillers

Cosmetic injections continue to change in ways that people never thought possible to help in their quest for youthful beauty. Also referred to as a liquid facelift, cosmetic injections bridge an aesthetic gap for those in their thirties, forties, and even fifties.

As one ages, they begin to lose volume around their mouths, lips and cheeks. Marionette lines, also known as parenthesis around the mouth, become more apparent and the youthful volume in the cheek area begins to dissipate.

With the passage of time, the fullness of one’s lips begins to decrease.

Injectable fillers can help rejuvenate these areas and results can be seen almost immediately. The process takes under 20 minutes. Yet, it is still considered a medical procedure and should be viewed as one for a very distinct reason.

The individual delivering the injectable filler should be a board certified plastic surgeon or a nurse who works alongside a plastic surgeon who has been trained extensively in this area. Cosmetic injections are about aesthetics, and plastic surgeons specialize in facial anatomy so doctors in this field of medicine would be the optimal choice.

As mentioned before, fillers are meant to add volume and redefine specific areas of the face that one in plastic surgery naturally grasps. For the safety of a person seeking an injectable filler, it’s never advised to undergo a procedure at a beauty party hosted at a home or non-medical destination such as a spa or salon.

For safety and optimal results, the procedure must be done in a medical office setting, and natural looking results are part of this aesthetic recipe.

Plastic surgeons deliver fillers very slowly and methodically. They make certain the end result is not dramatic but instead subtle rejuvenation which highlights a person’s natural features. Conservative results are the goal.

If one is interested in proceeding with a cosmetic filler, it usually can be done in tandem with the consultation appointment. During the consultation, a close-up facial photo will be taken and then uploaded to a touchscreen monitor in the examining room.

The photo is for both the patient and the plastic surgeon. While the patient points out what areas of their face they would like to rejuvenate, the plastic surgeon can discuss how to achieve those goals and if a filler would offer youthful benefits. A plastic surgeon not only remains on the cutting-edge of microsurgical techniques but also on cosmetic injections and how to effectively deliver them.

If the consultation appointment goes smoothly and a person would like to proceed with a liquid facelift, a lidocaine cream is applied first to numb the area. Roughly, it takes ten minutes for the cream to take effect.

Methodically, the doctor delivers a few to several injections in a general area. Once they feel they have reached the desired result, a patient will be given the opportunity to view the enhancement. If they would like more filler, the doctor will be candid in regards to distributing more.

There is no downtime from these cosmetic injections. In fact, many patients return to work following their appointment. Soreness may be present and slight bruising can be covered with foundation or concealer makeup.

Cosmetic injections are a great tool in aesthetics affording people a new pathway toward renewed beauty.