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Plastic Surgery Testimonials

“Thank you for the amazing job. You’re very talented or as my daughter would say: ‘you’ve got skills’.”
– LR

“I just can’t thank you enough for all your comfort and care before, during and after my first surgery. You are a wonderful surgeon and I am so blessed to have been referred to such a great team of doctors. These past months have been overwhelming but at every visit to your office you have always put me at ease with your kindness and gentle manner. I am very impressed with the exceptional care I have received so far. You have a wonderful office and a great team. Thank you again for everything.”
– PN

“I’m so thankful for my surgery. Because of you I no longer feel the pain I experienced everyday of my life. You are a great asset to humanity. May the work of the love prosper with your hands. Thanks you so much!”
– ST

“I am so thankful for all you have done for me. I now think of you as an angel sent to me. I will never be able to express how much you have done for me, so once again – thank you.”
– A

“I understand now why Dr. Bolitho is held in such high regard. He radiates confidence plus concern for his patients.”
– KR

“You all make me feel so good! Thanks for all you do.”
– JA

“Just three small words to express so much gratitude. Love to all.”
– JA

“Where can I begin to thank you for your part in my journey towards recovery. ”
– TO

“This card cannot fully express my gratitude and appreciation; Your kindness and care will always be in my heart. Thank you so much for making a wish come true!”
– JM

“Thank you so much for all your kindness, You have all been so thoughtful and always make me feel better!”
– A

“Thank you for always accommodating my crazy schedule, for your kindness – especially last year when you took care of my hospital stay; and for the great care from you and your staff.”
– CP

“After interviewing many doctors, I am glad my mother suggested you. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I am really pleased with my results.”
– L

“Thanks so much for taking such great care of me and making me so very happy!”
– OM

“Thank you so much again! With my love and appreciation.”
– D

“From the moment I first interviewed with you, I have felt I was in very kind, gentle, sophisticated, and extremely talented hands. It is very exciting to find a hidden treasure in a sea of cosmetic surgery offices. My heart felt. Thank you to you all”
– GS

“Just wanted to say thank you to all that you have done. It is greatly appreciated and it is a pleasure to work for you. Many thanks.”
– S

“Thank you for everything. You are all so special!”
– B

“You were excellent, caring and tops in your field! Wow! Thank you for all you do for each of your patients and for everything you do to help SMB Hospital be the best place in the universe for a woman to receive call.”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful talk to our breast cancer ladies a few weeks ago. We all so appreciate all that you do for these woman, plus your kindness shine through! ”
– TW

“I have meant to write to you for some time to thank you for everything you did to make my reconstructive surgery a success. Thank you so very much for your wonderful manner, For your great skills as a surgeon, and for your wonderful manner as a physician.”
– TF

“This last year and a half has really been an adventure. And while, like most adventures, this is not one that I’m anxious to repeat, I am delighted to be nearly normal now. This is thanks to your considerable reconstructive skills and your seemingly infinite patience with your patient. I can Truly say that your office and staff were a bright spot during many a gray week in this process. Both Manuela and Candy were unfailingly cheerful and helpful in so many, many ways. Heather whose calm demeanor relieved much of my stress, was able to answer any of my questions no matter how bizarre they were. And then there is Sharon whom I will remember with great fondness, as naturally should remember the woman who saved my life not once – but twice. Clearly you choose your staff wisely. So, as I move on toward my own destiny, thank you again for all your help in making me the woman I now appear to be. There is that one tiny perfect part. Pity is that so few will ever know. May God bless all your efforts to make the world a more beautiful more normal appearing place.”
– JL

“First of all let me say how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me. Having breast cancer was not my choice, but picking you as my surgeon was, and how lucky I was. I can’t thank you enough.”
– P

“I just want to say thank you for saving my leg. I am now grateful everyday that I have both of my legs and that I will be able to walk, and do everything I used to do. Thank you very much, very much! May God bless you. ”
– VM

“It took me a few cards to find the right words to express how thankful and grateful I am. You have changed my life in a fun and exciting way. I get to turn 25 with much added confidence. I will say that you do such amazing things for people and there out look on life. Regardless of some crazy random patients! You have the power to change people in a way that no one else can. I am extremely thankful and if my lip doesn’t get any smaller than we will name it! Thank you! ”
– K

“Thanks for all you did, I feel great, love the new me! Thanks.”
– MB